Crescent Hill Baptist Church


In a sermon "Why Remember the Past?" on September 16, 2007, which kicked off the CHBC Centennial celebration with the recognition of the 50yr members, Greg Pope noted that CHBCs history did not start in 1908 but stretched back at least to the "wandering Aramaean" [Jacob and wives] noted in Deuteronomy 26:1-11. Actually the history goes back to the beginning of our universe.

The Beginning


13.7 billion years ago our universe began whether as a "big bang" or some other event. Likely there were other universes before this one, and there will be others after ours ceases with the Force or Word expressing itself continuously in a variety of ways in each of these.  Infinity is a difficult concept to understand.

4.6 billion Years ago the earth was formed as a molten mass with a temperature so hot, no organic compounds would have survived.

4.4 billion years ago the surface of the earth had cooled enough that carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulfur delivered by planetesimals striking the earth survived.  Water and oceans formed, organic materials aggregated, and eventually through "The Life Loving Presence" (aka God) RNA and DNA emerged (probably from the infall of various, nucleic actids,  nucleotides, or similar molecules)  the process of evolution commenced.  The oceans and life were confined to a "very thin layer of water coating a mass of rocky mineral crust.  If the Earth were the size of a basketball 25 cm in diameter, the ocean would resemble a 75-micrometer layer of dew, about the thickness of a sheet of paper."  [Assembling Life.  David Deamer. Oxford Press. 2019.  Italics are those of John Arnett]

3.5 billion years ago the process a mutation occured (probably via the agency of "The Life Loving Presence") which allowed photosysthesis and Earth began to produce more oxygen than the rocks could absorb and Earth became "green."

300 million years ago trees emerged during the beginning of the Carboniferous period

100 million years ago dinosaurs walked on the planet but died out after the apocalyptic asteroid strike about 60 million years ago that stirred up so much dust that photosysthesis could not continue for awhile, plants died, and then the dinosaurs died out.

c.200,000 BC. - Homo Sapiens "Adam" came into being and "pre history" before written records other than cave drawings and other artifacts.
During this period of some 10,000 generations the human family (probably originating in Africa) diversified and spread to the various continents (including the Chinese and Karen in Asia, the Semitic peoples of Mesopotamia, Australian aborigines, North and South American Indians, and the European ancestors, as well as those who stayed in Africa).
13,000 BC. - The end of the Second Ice Age
9,600 BC. - Gobekli Tepe temple in Turkey
9,600 BC. - Jericho tower
9,000 BC. - stock raising, agriculture, villages
c.3000 BC. - The Old Kingdom of Egypt with writing on papyrus, hieroglyphs, resurrection stories, pyramids, etc.

Some dates in our "faith" history including some early church history

..... BC. - The stories of Gods creation, the fall of man, and the flood were well established in campfire circles
c.2000 BC. - Abraham left Ur and followed God westward. Our faith story began with him & Sarah, Isaac & Rebecca, Jacob (Israel) and his family, and their descendants.
c.1250 BC. - Moses led the Children of Israel out of Egypt
c.1000 BC. - David and the Psalms, later the foundation of the churchs music
c.600 BC. - Babylonian captivity and prophetic writings
c.563 BC. - Siddhartha Gantauma (Buddha) born in southern Nepal; age 29 sought enlightenment as wandering monk
538 BC. - edict of Cyrus and return from exile
c.4 BC. - birth of Jesus.  In Jesus the "Life Force" or "Life Loving Presence" ("God") became embodied as a man to demonstrate the message of Life in a way mankind could understand by using the anthropomorphic image of God as a loving Father, and He was the Son of God.
30 AD. - death and resurrection of Jesus, beginning of early church, Pentecost, conversion of Saul
c.30 AD - letters of Paul begin
c.50 AD. - earliest oral gospel tradition put in written form
c.60 AD. - Gospel of Mark
c.70 AD. - Gospels of Matthew and Luke ("Love God and neighbor"); "Christmas" stories
70 AD. - Titus destroys Jerusalem
c.95 AD. - Gospel of John and Revelation ("God loves world...sent son...whoever believes in Him (son=God) & eternal life")
150 AD. - Justin Martyrs "Apology"
c.196 AD. - Tertullian begins to write Christian Books. "Blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church."
c.340 - birth of St. Ambrose, spiritual mentor for Monica; his preaching converted Augustine
312 AD. - conversion of Constantine
325 AD. - Council of Nicea "settled" the Arian heresy and proclaimed Jesus was fully God (not a subordinate)
c.367 AD. - New Testament canon (authorized books) was "settled"
387 AD. - conversion of Augustine; death of his mother Monica
405 AD. - Jerome completed the Vulgate translation of the Bible
590 AD. - Gregory I became Pope - emphasized the chant and dispatched a later Augustine to evangelize Kent, England.
c.610 AD. - Mohammad began preaching in Mecca, had to flee to Medina (Hegira) in 622, teachings written as Quran
c.632 AD. - Mohammad died and conflict over successor led to Sunni (Caliph Abu Bakr) vs. Shia (son-in-law Ali) split
c.650 AD. - Quran distributed by caliph Othman
732 AD. - Battle of Tours - Charles Martel turned back the Muslim forces (one of many clashes between these peoples)
800 AD. - Charlemagne crowned Emperor
1095 AD. - Pope Urban II launched First Crusade
1115 AD. - Bernard founded monastery at Clairvaux
1173 AD. - Peter Waldo founded the Waldensians
1206 AD. - Francis of Assisi renounced wealth
1380 AD. - John Wycliffe oversaw the English Bible translation
1415 AD. - John Hus burned at the stake for placing Biblical over Papal authority - inspired emergence of Unitas Fratrum -- later the Moravian church with its motto: "In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty; in all things, love."
1456 AD. - Johann Gutenberg produced the first printed Bible
1478 AD. - Spanish Inquisition established
1512 AD. - Michelangelo completed the Sistine Chapel ceiling fresco
1517 AD. - Martin Luther posted his ninety-five theses
1523 AD. - Zwingli led the Swiss reformation
1525 AD. - Anabaptist movement rejected Zwinglis Swiss authority and emphasized adult baptism, separation of church & state, and pacifism
1535 AD. - Henry VIII declared head of Church of England in "Act of Supremacy"
1536 AD. - John Calvin published his The Institutes of the Christian Religion
1549 AD. - Thomas Cranmer, archbishop of Canterbury, produced the Book of Common Prayer
1559 AD. - John Knox returned to Scotland to lead reformation
1572 AD. - St. Bartholomews Day Massacre (Aug 18) sent Huguenots scurrying -- many to America

Some dates in the Baptist tradition

1609 - John Smyth "established" the first Baptist church with his "self-baptism" in the Netherlands
1612 - Thomas Helwys founded the first Baptist church in England designating themselves as General Baptists
1618 - Synod of Dort - Calvinism vs Arminianism debate - would impact Baptist theology as well: The General Baptists adopted the Arminian stance while the more numerous Particular Baptists adopted the Calvinistic position
1636 - Roger Williams (ancestor of Helen and David Graves) organized the Baptist church in Providence, Rhode Island
1640 - Particular Baptists formed in England
1644 - First Calvinistic Baptist Confession appeared in London (Confession of the Seven Churches in London)
1646 - Westminister Confession of Faith adopted during time of Cromwell (Baptists did not participate)
1648 - George Fox began his ministry and eventually his Journal
1650 - Obadiah Holmes (ancestor of Bossy Thompson) became a Baptist in Rhode Island and Boston; endured a public whipping in Boston Sept 5, 1651
1677 - Calvinistic (Particular) Baptist ministers in London adopted a Confession of Faith based on the Westminister Confession
1689 - Act of Toleration in Great Britain
1682 - First Baptist Church Boston sponsored formation of Baptist church in Kittery, Maine
1696 - William Screven and members of Maine church moved to Charleston, SC - 1st in South. These were Particular or Regular Baptists.
1738 - George Whitfield (Calvinist evangelist) first of several trips to America during the "Great Awakening"
1742 - Philadelphia Association adopted a Confession based on the 1677 Particular (Calvinistic) Baptist Confession with "additional articles that permitted the laying on of hands and the singing of hymns." (CHBC adopted this at its beginning.)
1749 - William Hart of Philadelphia moved to Charleston introduced methods and ideology of the Phila Assoc and Charleston Assoc formed -- out of this came Furman and then SBTS.
1776 - American Independence declared
1776 - William Hickman (Baptist) preached first sermon (Harrodsburg) of which there is a record
1779 - John Newton\s words to Amazing Grace first appeared in London...(wedded to American melody tune in 1835)
1780 - Lewis and Elijah Craig Traveling Separate Baptist church arrived in central KY.
1781 - Squire Boone (Daniels brother) preached for group of Baptists at Louisville
1784 - Beargrass Bapt. Church formed (Beargrass Christian Ch after Campbell controversey) by Rev. John Whitaker
1786 - Jeffersons Statute for Religious Freedom passed the Virginia legislature
1789 - U.S. Constitution went into effect (written 1787; ratified by NH-9th state- 1788)
1791 - Bill of Rights went into effect
1792 - William Carey delivered his epoch-making "lengthen the tent cords" sermon on May 30 in Nottingham, England -- launching a mainstream Baptist emphasis on missions.
1803 - Long Run Baptist Association formed in September (24 churches from 8 counties)
1803 - Lewis met Clark in Louisville on Oct 14 as they continued recruiting for the "Corps of Discovery"
1804 - Lewis and Clark set out from St. Louis on their expedition of "Undaunted Courage."
1807 - Great Britains House of Lords, influenced by William Wilberforce, abolished the African Slave Trade
1808 - United States abolished slave trade from overseas
1808 - Abraham Lincoln born in Larue Co, KY, Feb 12
1809 -- Thomas Campbell began a reform movement in western PA, soon joined by his son Alexander Campbell
1813 - First Bapt Church formed in Louisville (over Campbell controversy split to 1st and 2nd Bapt); origin of Walnut St. Bapt. Ch.
1813 - Ann and Adoniram Judson arrived in Rangoon, Burma (now Union of Myanmar). His labors would eventually result in many of the Karens becoming Baptist
1814 - Triennial Convention formed
1825 - Philip Fall, pastor of the First Baptist Church, became an early Campbell advocate, rejecting the Baptist Philadelphia Confession of Faith, "relying on the Bible alone as the guide for faith and practice" See Mike Pucketts 2019 Beargrass Christian Church History.
1831 -- The Long Run Baptist Association refused to admit several Campbell type "Bible only" congregations, and Beargrass and other Campbellite churches were forced out of the LRBA.
1833 - Great Britain abolished slavery in British Empire. This same year William Wilberforce died
1842 - members from 1st and 2nd Baptist churches organized East Baptist Church
1845 - Southern Baptist Convention split away from Triennial Convention over issue of slavery
1849 - Louisville - Frankfort Railroad laid down beside the Louisville-Lexington Turnpike
1853 - John Newton Brown published in his Baptist Manual the "Church Covenant" that is found in many Baptist churches.
1854 - Sojourner Truth (Isabella Baumfree) "Aint I a Woman?" speech at the Ohio Womans Rights Covention in Akron, Ohio
1857 - "Landmark" controversy
1857 - James Buchanan inaugurated
1859 - SBTS founded at Greenville, SC (Regular Baptists) with 26 students and four professors
1859 - Boyce - Chairman of the Faculty of seminary
1861 - Abraham Lincoln inaugurated
1861 - Firing on Ft. Sumter at 4am, April 12 marked official beginning of the Civil War
1862 - SBTS closed 1862-Oct 1865 due to the Civil War
1863 - Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, Jan 1
1863 - Gettysburg battle (July 1-3), Vicksburg surrender (July 4)
1863 - Lincoln Gettysburg Address November 19
1865 - Jan 31, the House of Rep passed the 13th ammendment abolishing slavery
1865 - March - Abraham Lincoln 2nd inauguration
1865 - Gen R.E. Lee surrendered to Gen U.S. Grant at Appomattox April 9
1865 - Abraham Lincoln assassinated Good Friday, April 14; died on the 15th
1865 - Gen Joe Johnston surrendered to Gen Sherman at Durham Station, NC April 26, officially "ending the War between the States." (last battle in TX in Je)
1865 - Andrew Johnson served out Lincolns 2nd term of office
1865 - June 19, Texas finally got the word the slaves were freed (Juneteenth)
1869 - Ulysses S. Grant 1st inauguration
1870 - Broadway Baptist Church organized
1873 - Ulysses S. Grant 2nd inauguration
1877 - Rutherford B. Hayes inaugurated
1877 - SBTS first session in Louisville, KY.; move to Louisville orchestrated by George W. Norton, staunch Baptist originally from Russellville, KY.
1881 - James A. Garfield inaugurated
1881 - James A. Garfield assassinated
1881 - Chester A. Arthur served out Garfields term of office
1885 - Grover Cleveland inaugurated for 1st of two non-consecutive terms
1888 - Dr. James P. Boyce named President of seminary
1888 - WMU of SBC organized in Richmond, VA
1889 - Benjamin Harrison inaugurated
1889 - Dr. John A. Broadus elected second President of seminary
1890 - Dr. T.T. Eaton alerted the Long Run Baptist Assoc of potential for new church in Crescent Hill
1891 - St. Mark Episcopal Church organized; cornerstone laid in 1895. Land provided by Thomas Kennedy
1893 - Grover Cleveland inaugurated for his 2nd (non consecutive) term
1893 - Clifton Baptist Church formed as a mission of East Baptist Church
1893 - Highland Baptist Church organized as breaching chapel for seminary students (gift of Norton sisters)
1895 - Dr. William H. Whitsitt elected third President
1896 - Charles Sheldon, began his series of sermons in Topeka, KS that formed the basis for his book In His Steps
1897 - William McKinley 1st inauguration
1897 - William Irvine (perhaps influenced by his sister & others) revived the 2x2 fellowship church movement
1899 - Dr. E. Y. Mullins elected fourth President of seminary
1901 - William McKinley 2nd inauguration
1901 - William McKinley assassinated in Sept
1901 - Theodore Roosevelt served out McKinley term of office
1903 - Orville and Wilbur Wright successful flight of powered airplane
1905 - Theodore Roosevelt 2nd inauguration
1907 - Crescent Hill Branch Library erected at Birchwood and Frankfort
1907 - WMU Training School opened in Louisville Oct 2, 1907 (later renamed Carver School)
1907 - 43 members from Clifton Bapt Church met at Shouse home Dec 29 to begin the process of forming a new church (CHBC). The new church would be "self-sustaining" and did not begin as Cliftons mission church. The 43 were joined by 17 others, and these 60 were the "charter membrs."


Formation of Crescent Hill Baptist Church -- January 1908

1908 - CHBC organized January 12, 1908 (met at N.C. Shouse home on Frankfort Ave. for preliminary organizational strategy and then formal organization meeting January 12 in the basement of the old Crescent Hill Methodist Church.)
1908 - CHBC adopted the Philadelphia Confession of 1742 and the "Church Covenant" (of later vintage) at its organizational meeting
1908-1910 -- until the first building at Birchwood and Frankfort, the church met in William Hartmetz Crescent Hardware House for two years.
1908 - Cubs won the World Series defeating the Detroit Tigers in five games.

1908 - John F. Griffith became first CHBC pastor October 1908
1908 - William Howard Taft elected President
1908 - Ford produced first Model "T" automobile
1908 - Organizational date given for the Crescent Hill Branch Library
1909 - William Howard Taft inauguration
1909 - Howard Camnitz pitched for Pittsburgh Pirates who def. Detroit Tigers (Ty Cobb) in 7 games to win their first World Series (Honus Wagner a team-mate)
1910 - First CHBC building built at Birchwood & Frankfort (Brinton B. Davis - architect)
.............cornerstone service July 30; first services held Dec 4, 1910
1912 - Titanic sank in April
1912 - John F. Griffith left CHBC in September
.... - Emmet Field Elementary School opened before WWI
1913 - 16th amendment: Federal income tax introduced
1913 - Woodrow Wilson 1st inauguration
1913 - Albert Schweitzer opened hospital in Lambarene, French Congo
1913 - First church-wide publication "Church Tidings" began (nine issues)

1913 - Dr. Oscar M. Huey became second CHBC pastor in spring 1913
1914 - World War I began with Ferdinand assassination in June
1914 - Panama Canal opened
1915 - phrase "Reverence for Life" struck Albert Schweitzer like a flash and became his mantra
1917 - Woodrow Wilson 2nd inauguration
1917 - Bolshevik revolution (led by Lenin)
1918 - Dr. Huey left CHBC

1918 - Dr. Charles L. Graham became third CHBC pastor and served 22 yrs
1918 - WW I ends with Armistice Nov 11 [34 CHBC sons served in war and two died.]
1918 - B.Y.P.U. functioning; W.M.S. established
1918 - Worldwide Influenza pandemic...churches in Louisville closed four weeks in Oct
1919 - Prohibition (18th amendment) begins fourteen year run
1919 - CHBC sensed the need for additional space and considered an adjoining addition
1919 - The church pledged $45,000 for the "75 Million Campaign" over five years -- all paid
.............("75 Million Campaign" was a forerunner of the SBC Cooperative Program.)
1920 - 19th amendment gave American women the right to vote
1920 - Rodney "Gypsy" Smith Evangelistic meetings held at CH in Oct
1920 - Yearly revival services began with Dr. W.M. Seay the evangelist
1920 - Gaines S. Dobbins began teaching at SBTS; early Seminary member of CHBC
1921 - George Norton persuaded trustees to move the SBTS to the "Beeches" on Lexington Rd, rather than the Brownsboro Rd property it owned
1921 - Rose Marlowe began missionary work in Shanghai, China (until 1950 when moved to Japan until retirement in 1955)
1921 - KDKA Pittsburgh transmitted first regular radio program in US
1921 - Warren G. Harding inauguration
1922 - Insulin introduced by Banting and Best
1922 - suburb of Crescent Hill annexed into the City of Louisville
1923 - group from Louisville Shrine Temple formed Kosair Charities; 3 yrs later Kosair Crippled Children Hospital opened
1923 - Billy Sunday Revival lasted six weeks in Louisville; CH members urged to attend
1923 - Warren G. Harding died of illness in August
1923 - Calvin Coolidge served out Harding term of office
1924 - Will Rogers: "I am not member of organized religion. I am a Baptist.".
1924 - Because of SBTS planned move to Lexington Road the church voted to build new structure which could also be used for Seminary convocations and other gatherings
1925 - Calvin Coolidge inauguration
1925 - Crescent Hill Methodist Church present building erected
1925 - CHBC in April selected Otto Mock as architect for modern replacement building
1925 - Scopes trial in Tennessee - evolution controversy
1926 - Henry Ford introduced the 40 hour work week allowing employees more leisure
1926 - church published a monthly 8 page paper "Good News" for four years
1926 - cornerstone laying ceremony 12 June 1926 for the Crescent Hill Lodge which housed a 525-seat movie theater, The Masonic Theater (later The Crescent.)
1926 - church joined other churches in opposing Sunday hours for the Crescent Theatre
1926 - seminary moved from Broadway to "The Beeches" on Lexington Rd; Norton Hall the first building
1926 - Construction of new CHBC building began: groundbreaking June; cornerstone laid Aug
1926 - Mrs. Stephen S. Jones began a 27 year stint as church organist
1927 - New CHBC building dedicated May (large sanctuary for seminary convocations) Louise Blythe gave birth to Bruce that same day after attending Sunday morning services
1927 - Virginia Larimore was first baby in the new CHBC nursery
1927 - Church-wide publication "The LordDay Forerunner" begun in Feb (continued until 1940)
1927 - Charles A. Lindbergh 33 1/2 hr non-stop flight from US to Paris on May 21
1927 - Babe Ruth hit 60 home runs as Yankee
1927 - "talking movies" began to replace the silent ones in Oct (Al Jolson in "The Jazz Singer")
1927 - "Anti-Saloon League" granted permission to use the CH building for activities
1927 - Masonic Home established at its present location on Shelbyville Rd.
1927 - St. Matthews Baptist Church organized
1928 - Herbert Hoover defeated the Catholic Al Smith for presidency
1928 - Issue of "Good News" for June indicates Missionary John Mein spoke to WMS
1928 - Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin in Sept. (In 1945 he would receive a Nobel Prize)
1928 - Walt Disney introduced Mickey Mouse as "Steamboat Willie" in November
1929 - Herbert Hoover inauguration
1929 - Dr. John R. Sampey elected fifth President of seminary
1929 - Stock Market crash on Oct 29 and beginning of the Great Depression
1929 - 2nd St. (Clark Memorial) Bridge opened across the Ohio River
1932 - Alex G. Barret Junior High School opened
1933 - Franklin D. Roosevelt 1st inauguration
1933 - FDR launched the "New Deal in March
1933 - 21st amendment repealed Prohibition
1933 - In the depths of the Depression church averted foreclosure with heroic giving, many taking second mortgages on their homes.
1933 - The Euzelian Class for Young Married Women was organized in Sept with Mrs. J.B. "Lady" Weatherspoon as teacher.
1935 - Men SS class adopted name of Wigginton Class in honor of teacher
1935 - Louisville health dept rec. discontinuing groups of those 16 yr and under to combat Polio
1935 - Bill Wilson & Bob Smith outlined the 12-step program that became foundation of AA
1935 - Because of failing health, his asst. pastor, H.Cornell Goerner, acted as pastor during Dr. Grahams final five yrs of official service.
1936 - BBC in London inaugurated television service
1936 - New Clifton Baptist Church building erected
1937 - Franklin D. Roosevelt 2nd inauguration
1937 - 1937 flood in Louisville
1938 - Dr. Graham permitted Viola Crismon to restart youth activities
1938 - Oil discovered in Saudi Arabia
1939 - Germany invaded Poland in Sept; Brit & France declared war
1939 - Vogue Theater opened in Dec
1940 - ground broken for new WMU Training School at present location
1940 - Dr. Graham left CHBC
1940 - Primary SS Class [photo]

1940 - Dr. W. C. Boone became fourth CHBC pastor and served 4 yrs
1940 - "Broadman Hymnal" published in 1940 (used in youth SS depts.)
.............."Modern Hymnal" used in main CHBC worship serves until replaced by "Bapt Hymnal"
1941 - Franklin D. Roosevelt 3rd inauguration
1941 - WMU Training School (Carver School) moved from downtown to Lex Rd.
1941 - US entered WWII with Pearl Harbor bombing Dec 7
1941 - Thomas Merton entered Gethsemane in December
1942 - Dr. Ellis A. Fuller elected sixth President of seminary
1942 - Clarence Jordan founded Koinonia Farms near Americus, GA (He worshiped at CHBC)
1943 - franchise purchased in Church Softball league for youth to join
1944 - D-Day June 6
1945 - Russians liberated Auschwitz (Holocaust evidence) January 27
1945 - Franklin D. Roosevelt 4th inauguration
1945 - Franklin D. Roosevelt died
1945 - Harry S. Truman served out Roosevelt 4th term
1945 - CHBC youth permitted in May to use portion of basement as a "recreation room"
1945 - Laura Cook, a clerk for L&N RR, began teaching Sunday School at Ormsby Village
1945 - Atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima & Nagasaki in August
1945 - End of WW II (46 million lives lost)[123 CHBC members served in war; 3 died]
1945 - Dr. Boone left to become KBA President
1946 - V. L. Stanfield served as interim July-Sept

1946 - Dr. Rollin S. Burhans became fifth CHBC pastor in Oct and served 14 yrs
1947 - Dead Sea Scrolls dating to 22 BC. found in Wadi Qumran
1947 - "Howdy Doody" premiered on NBC (remained on air until 1960)
1948 - "Ed Sullivan Show" premiered
1948 - Israel declared an independent state
1948 - adult choir [photo]
1948 - Selective Service Act (the draft continued until 1973)
1948 - Cleveland Indians won World Series defeating Boston Braves in six games.
1948 - First issue of the Crescent Beams (weekly newsletter) Oct 13
............editors: Erwin McDonald, Raymond Rigdon, Allan Watson, David Stone, Regina Sliger
1948 - Harry S. Truman elected President over Thomas E. Dewey on November 2.
1949 - Harry S. Truman inauguration
1949 - addition to St. Mark Episcopal church
1949 - Pat Shipp and Monty Justice crowned Queen and King of May at annual Youth Banquet
1949 - Mao Zedong declared the birth of the communist Peoples Republic of China
1949 - transistor invented
1950 - 1.5 million TV sets in US; one year later 15 million
1950 - "T-Bar-V" local children show began and ran for 20 years with Randy Atcher et al.
1950 - Alumni Memorial Chapel dedicated at seminary (CHBC sanctuary not used for SBTS convocations)
1950 - North Korean forces invaded South Korea June 25.
1950 - US responded to UN request for troops to restore peace to Korea
1950 - Gold Star Fund designated to assist CHBC youth who became missionaries
1950 - GA Coronation [photo]
1950 - Sen Joseph McCarthy began four year reign of terror with the Communist scare
1951 - Dr. Duke K. McCall elected seventh President of seminary following the untimely death of Dr. Ellis A. Fuller
____ - Boy Scout Troop 29 at CHBC
1951 - CHBC Library opened in March -- Mrs. Fred Tucker, first church librarian
1951 - Men Bible Class picnic at RLG Club in Indiana
1952 - Men Bible Class sponsored picnic at the Rock Lake Gun Club in Indiana [bf photo]
1952 - combined choirs [photo]
1953 - Dwight D. Eisenhower 1st inauguration
1953 - Watson and Crick described the double helix configuration of DNA
1953 - Laura Cook and Clara Belle McLellan began the Bridge Mission with eight children they had taught at Ormsby Village
1953 - Korean War armistice signed July 27.
1953 - Oral contraceptive pill introduced ("Enovid" approved by FDA in 1960)
1953 - One of many Youth Weeks
1953 - CHBC began Beechwood Baptist Church with 114 of her members, including Dr. Rust
1953 - Church adopted $350,000 plan to enlarge facility with educ bldg and gym
1954 - First of many Sweetheart Banquets for Youth of CHBC
1954 - Brown vs Board of Education of Topeka ruled school racial seg illegal
1954 - Sam Phillips cut Elvis Presley first record "Thats All Right" on July 5 in Memphis
1954 - "Captain Kangaroo" began on CBS
1955 - Rose Marlowe retired from mission work (China 1921-1950, Japan 1950-55)
1955 - First of many Training Union Weeks at Cedarmore
1955 - Murder of Emmett Till, Aug 28
1955 - Rosa Parks civil disobedience on Dec 1, 1955
1956 - "Baptist Hymnal" published
1956 - Ground-breaking service for new CHBC education/recreation building -- May 6
1956 - Billy Graham Greater Louisville Crusade - Sept, Oct
1956 - Cornerstone service for new CHBC building - Oct 7th
1957 - CHBC education and recreation facility opened (later called "Burhans" addition)
1957 - church library opened
1957 - Dwight D. Eisenhower 2nd inauguration
1957 - Youth train trip to Billy Graham Crusade in New York [photo](MLK July)
1957 - Federal troops to Little Rock in Sep to enforce desegregation decree blocked by Gov. Faubus (Little Rock Nine)
1957 - USSR launched the first satellite ("Sputnik") on Oct 4
1957 - Floodwall in Portland (begun in 1948) completed displacing some 140 homes
1958 - Thirteen faculty left in dispute with Pres. McCall - Four from CHBC
1958 - 50th Anniversary Celebration of CHBC
1958 - Youth Revival led by David Foy
1958 - Youth attended Training Union Week at Ridgecrest - stayed at Peacock House
1959 - CHBC chapel completed.
1959 - Hunt "Light of the World" window - Euzelian class memorial to Mrs. J.B. Weatherspoon
1959 - Betty & Cecil Cook with their five boys moved back to Louisville
1959 - Early CHBC Youth Retreat at Cedarmore
1960 - seminary James P. Boyce Centennial Library dedicated
1960 - Dr. Burhans left CHBC to become Pres of new Ky Sou College
1960 - Dr. Nathan Brooks, Pres of Carver School - interim May-Sep
1960 - CHBC Sunday School attendance - 1620
1960 - Youth Retreat at Camp Crescendo
1960 - Licklider -- one of first to envision modern computers & worldwide networks

1960 - Dr. John R. Claypool became sixth CHBC pastor in Oct and served 10 1/2 years
1960 - Youth Talent Show
1960 - Youth Narrator (weekly Youth newspaper) began in December (Arnett editor until June 1962; Culpepper 1962-63)
1961 - John F. Kennedy inauguration
1961 - CHBC integrated - Samuel Akande and his wife, Comfort, from Nigeria joined Sep 10, 1961.
1961 - Peace Corps created
1961 - Roger Maris hit 61 home runs as a Yankee on Oct 1, breaking Babe Routh recond
1961 - Elton Trueblood The Company of the Committed published
1961 - CHBC Camping program began at Tate farm site - organized by Bob Myers
1961 - Ralph Elliott (Midwestern Seminary) published Message of Genesis.
1962 - James Meredith first black to enter Univ Miss after troops put down riots
1962 - "Mister Rogers" premiered on Canadian Public TV and later moved to PBS
____ - Wigginton-Jones Banquets began
____ - St. Joseph Orphans Picnic moved from Wed night to Saturday
1962 - Rachel Carson Silent Spring sparked the environmental movement
1962 - The Cuban Missile Crisis added ice to the Cold War
1962 - CHBC Sanctuary airconditioned in July
1962 - Military junta seized power in Burma and began process of isolating country from rest of world
1962 - SB Conservative (including P.Pressler and P. Patterson) outrage over Message of Genesis
1962 - Ralph Elliott republished Message..." and fired from seminary
1963 - Rev. Robert O. Williams began his pastorate at Clifton Baptist Church which ended in 1985
1963 - Baptist Faith and Message statement - author Herschel Hobbs
1963 - Carver School (Miss & Soc Work) merged with seminary
1963 - Because of construction of I65, Presbyterian Seminary moved from Broadway to Alta Vista campus
1963 - CHBC began radio broadcast on WKYW Feb 24, 1963 - later discontinued
1963 - Wayne Craig facilitated small group retreat to Spring Mill (Tom & Pat Scott, et al.)
1963 - Ship logo for "Crescent Beams" masthead begun in April
1963 - Medgar Evers (civil rights leader) assassinated June 12, 1963
1963 - March on Washington for equal rights Aug 28, MLKing "Dream" speech
1963 - First church wide "Belle of Louisville" picnic cruise in September
1963 - President Kennedy assassinated Nov 22, 1963
1963 - Lyndon B. Johnson served out Kennedy term of office
1963 - Betty Friedan?s The Feminine Mystique published
1964 - last issue of Youth Narrator (began in Dec 1960)
____ - "Moral Side of the News" aired
1963 - Elizabeth OConnor Call to Committment published
1964 - Beatles appeared on Ed Sullivan Show in February
1964 - Civil Rights Bill signed July 2 by Johnson - broad ban on discrimination
1964 - Gulf of Tonkin Resolution in Aug and beginning of Vietnam buildup
1964 - War on Poverty bill, VISTA and Job Corps
1965 - Lyndon B. Johnson inauguration
1965 - Assassination of Malcolm X, Feb 21
1965 - Small group silent weekend retreat at Earlham College (after studying Company of the Committed)[Tom - Pat Scott, Jim - Keys Tate, Betty Cook, Clara McCartt, Rodney Beck, etal]
1965 - Bombing of North Vietnam marked "official" beginning of Vietnam War
1965 - Marches from Selma to Montgomery, Mar 7-21
1965 - Riots in Watts area of Los Angeles, Aug. 11-16
1966 - CHBC Sunday School attendance - 1756
1966 - CHBC "Youth Dialogue" began
1967 - Riots in Newark and Detroit
1967 - May 10, Dr. M.L.King visited Louisville and led an open housing march
1967 - "Sunday evenings at Crescent Hill" began at 5:30; "School of Christian Living" at 6:45
1967 - Committee structure of church enlarged
1967 - Portland - Bridge Mission moved to new facility at 2308 Portland Ave; Anne Davis served as the administrator.
1967 - First elevator installed (back of sanctuary) in fall allowing multilevel access
1968 - Tet offensive on Jan 31 left Americans thinking the Vietnam war unwinnable
1968 - F. G. Sampson of Mt. Lebanon Baptist church guest speaker at CHBC
1968 - Martin Luther King assassinated Apr 4, 1968
1968 - Riots in Louisville west end in May, 1968
1968 - Sen. Robert Kennedy died of gunshot wound June 6, 1968
1968 - Laura Lue Claypool diagnosed with leukemia in mid summer
1968 - Thomas Merton died in Bangkok in December
1969 - Richard Nixon 1st inauguration
1969 - Laura Lue relapse
1969 - Neil Armstrong of Apollo 11 set foot on moon July 20, 10:56 EST
1969 - Woodstock in August
1969 - Broadman Bible Commentary published and blasted by conservatives as too liberal.
1969 - PBS TV began and launched "Sesame Street" in November
1969 - Licklider and others in the defense dept developed ARPANET forerunner of internet
1970 - Laura Lue Claypool (Jan) and Laura Sparkman (July) died of childhood leukemia. (Cecil Cook d. July 29, 1970)
1970 - Fund begun for new sanctuary organ
1971 - "Godspell" began performances Off-Broadway
1971 - "Interrobang" services began in spring with Grady Nutt as preacher
1971 - Dr. Claypool left CHBC to become pastor of Broadway Bapt Ft. Worth
1971 - Howard Hovde (asst min since ?69) and William Hull served as interims
1971 - Americans Tigrett and Morton opened first Hard Rock Cafe June 14 in London. "Love All, Serve All"
1971 - Intel developed the first microprocessor on a single silicon chip
1972 - Women Retreat at Cedarmore
1972 - Free to Be...You and Me produced by Marlo Thomas and friends
1972 - Supplemental Chancel organ (to left of the podium) dedicated
1972 - First women deacons elected in Nov (ordained in Jan 1973) at CHBC [Gaga Woodward, Betty Cook, Jane Kent]
1973 - Richard Nixon 2nd inauguration
1973 - Vietnam 4 party Paris peace pact signed in Jan; last US troops left Mar
1973 - Roe v. Wade decision handed down Jan 22
1973 - Dr. Martin Cooper,etal of Motorola, invented and made first call on portable cell phone in April

1973 - Dr. John Howell became seventh CHBC pastor and served 5 yrs
1973 - Secretariat won Derby in record time; then completed Triple Crown
1973 - Dr. Howell gave awards ceremony address to Ballard H.S. seniors (topic: "This Is My Fathers World")
1973 - Gallery (balcony) organ dedicated in June
1973 - "Joy Shop" began in conjunction with VBS activities
1973 - CHBC worship broadcast on WHAS radio for limited time
1973 - Watergate events
1973 - Dr. Howell and church hosted some 90+ Baptist brethren from England for two weeks
1973 - Selective Service "Draft" ended (replaced by "all volunteer" army)
1974 - Boyce Bible School established
1974 - Tornado struck Crescent Hill area in April
1974 - United Crescent Hill Ministries (UCHM) organized
1974 - John Claypool Tracks of a Fellow Struggler (based on 1969-70 sermons)
1974 - Nixon resigned in August 1974 after Watergate scandal
1974 - Gerald Ford served out Nixon 2nd term, pardoned Nixon and established a "conditional" clemency program for Vietnam war resisters (boycotted by most exiles)
1975 - Church-wide retreats at Cedarmore in March and Sept
1975 - "In The Oaks" in Aug beginning 16 yr tradition (last in 1989)
1975 - Dr. Howell led delegation from CHBC to Baptist World Alliance in Stockholm, Sweden
1975 - Louisville and Jefferson County school districts merged
1975 - Court ordered school busing began in Jefferson County.
1975 - First CHBC Advent booklet published
1976 - The Spirit church newsletter began Feb 22 (replaced the "Crescent Beams"
1976 - "Long Range Planning Committee" report
1976 - Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniac began Apple, and the desktop computer revolution took off
1976 - Habitat for Humanity International founded with headquarters at Koinonia Farm, GA
1976 - U.S. Bicentennial celebrations
1976 - delegation of Baptists from England visited CHBC at invitation of Dr. Howell
1976 - With completion of 9th St overpass, I64 opened along the river with some further impact on Portland
1977 - Jimmy Carter inauguration
1977 - Jimmy Carter declared an unconditional amnesty for draft resisters (Vietnam era)
1977 - "Roots" - the 26 hr miniseries - aired on ABC (Jan 30th - 3rd most watched TV show)
1977 - Elvis Presley died in August
1977 - Dr. Howell led delegation from CHBC to England -- continuing life-long friendships
1978 - Dr. Howell last sermon September 10
1978 - Karol Jozef Wojtyla of Poland elected as Pope John Paul II on Oct 16 - served 26 1/2 yrs
1979 - Dr. Howell diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor in Aug; died Sept. 4
1979-81 - interims included: Shurden, Leonard, Bailey, George, Honeycutt
1979 - Three Mile Island partial meltdown March 28
1979 - Iran hostage crisis began Nov 4 (held for 444 days)
1979 - Pressler/Patterson conservative influence - Adrian Rodgers elected SBC president
1979 - Celebrate Life - one of many dramatic productions by Ragan Courtney
1979 - Bob Dylan Gospel album, Slow Train Coming
1979 - First regularly scheduled annual Women Retreat
1980 - Polish trade union in Gdansk shipyard - Solidarity - won concessions from Russian government and eventual Polish independence
1980 - John Lennon died of gunshot Dec 8
1980s - church youth camps at "In The Oaks" continued
1980 - 401(k) options offered for first time
1981 - CHBC After school program operating
1981 - The Spirit published as part of the Western Recorder
1981 - Ronald Regan 1st inauguration
1981 - Divorce Recovery Workshop began at CHBC
1981 - NASA launched first reusable space shuttle, Challenger
1981 - D.E. Adams produced first album, God, What a World
1981 - Kosair and Norton Hospitals merged to form Kosair Children Hospital

1981 - Dr. H. Stephen Shoemaker became eighth CHBC pastor and served 11 yrs
1981 - Grady Nutt and Paul Duke wrote the "Crescent Hill Hymn" for Shoemaker installation
1981 - Men Retreat in May at Cedarmore
1982 - FCC authorized commercial cell phone service in USA
1982 - CHBC assisted Goshen Baptist Church in their organization and financial matters (Lofton family joined)
1982 - Dr. Roy L. Honeycutt elected eighth President of seminary
1982 - Bill Johnson began serving as Minister of Education* in June
1982 - Rev. Grady Nutt died in plane crash Nov 23
1983 - "Together We Build" renovation program with second elevator and building of the Birchwood Lobby entrance
..........10% of "TWB" campaign fund sent for Recife, Brazil Seminary chapel construction
..........CHBC building endowment fund began
1983 - "Women in Ministry" (network of SBC ordained women ministers) organized at CHBC and first issue of Folio
1983 - 75th Anniversary celebration of CHBC in April
1983 - D.E. Adams Songs and Hymns including "The Family of God."
1983 - Jurgen Moltmann preached morning sermon at CHBC on Sept 25
.............(sermon "There Is Enough for Everyone" - text: Acts 4:31-35)
1983 - final episode of "M*A*S*H" - most watched show in TV history (125 million homes)
1984 - Birchwood Lobby built and multilevel elevator installed between 1926 & 1956 buildings
1984 - backlash against ordaining women at Kansas City SBC Convention where negative resolution passed.
1984 - SBC action in Kansas City insulted many women and "Women in Ministry" movement grew even stronger. The headquarters remained in Louisville at CHBC for about ten years before moving to Kansas City and eventually to its present home at Mercer College in Atlanta.
1985 - Ronald Regan 2nd inauguration
1985 - "Celebrate Life" performed in May
1985 - ELISA test for HIV-AIDS showed extent of disease 1st recog in 1981
1985 - Charles Stanley re-elected SBC president and "Peace Committee" formed
1985 - Louie Bailey began serving as Minister of Music* in October
1986 - Alliance of Baptists formed
1986 - Mt. Nebo Baptist Church partnership activities including Garrison Keillor benefit
1986 - Challenger explosion Jan 28
1986 - Cynthia Clawson Immortal released; "Spirit Shine" dedicated to CHBC.
1987 - Dow Jones Industrial Average closed above 2,000 for first time in Jan (peaked 1999)
1987 - Gorbachev reforms: openness (glasnost), restructure (perestroika)
1987 - Steve Shoemaker The Jekyll and Hyde Syndrome
1988 - Jim Holliday began his pastorate at Clifton Baptist Church which lasted until about 2001
1988 - CHBC folk began working on local Habitat for Humanity housing projects
1988 - CHBC Youth attended Bapt World Alliance Youth Conference in Glasgow, Scotland
1988 - Singing Seniors presented a program "CHBC - 80 Years of Memories"
1988 - Blanche Goetzman published the "History of the Crescent Hill W.M.U."
1988 - Presbyterian Headquarters moved from NYC and Atlanta to new building in Louisville
1989 - George Bush inauguration
1989 - Soviet Union withdrew troops from Afghanistan in Feb after 14 yrs
1989 - Berlin Wall opened in November and was then dismantled
1989 - Visual Art Advent Exhibit in Heritage Hall coordinated by Dwight Cobb
1990 - Bill Leonard Gods Last and Only Hope: The Fragmentation of the SBC
1990 - Congregational Photo May 6 (used in 1993 church directory)
1991 - 1st Gulf war (Desert Storm) began in January
1991 - Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF) organized (Cecil Sherman and Daniel Vestal initally)
1991 - CHBC voted to join the CBF (dual membership with SBC also until 2000 when chbc left SBC)
1991 - Tim Berners-Lee (British scientist) used "internet" to launch the "Worldwide Web."
1991 - Soviet Union broke up in Dec day after Gorbachev resigned
1992 - Dr. Shoemaker left CHBC in July to become pastor of Broadway Bapt Ft. Worth
1992-94 - interims included: Chafin, Garland, Bugg, Loscalzo
1993 - William J. Clinton 1st term inauguration
1993 - Dr. Al Mohler elected ninth President of seminary in February
1993 - CHBC Youth attended Bapt World Alliance Youth Conference in Zimbabwe
1993 - Battle of Mogadishu ("Black Hawk Down") in October
1993 - Dr. Roy Honeycutt left SBTS presidency July 31
1993 - Sexual boundary issues discussed
1993 - Rev. Paul Duke two Sunday evening talks on "Homosexuality and the Church" 1993 - Passport Youth Camps started (originally based in L\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ville)
1993 - CHBC Youth reunion at Graves and beginning of "Youth Alumni" listings
1994 - In June, Rick and Ellen Burnette began as CBF missionaries providing holistic responses to marginalized people in SE Asia
1994 - Congress dropped efforts to pass Clinton Health Reform package
1994 - North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and more "globalization"
1994 - Rwandan Genocide (Hutus vs. Tutsis)

1994 - Dr. Ron Sisk became ninth CHBC pastor and served for 8 yrs
1995 - Oklahoma City bombing on Apr 19
1995 - "" boom began with Andressen "Mosaic" browser and later "Netscape."
1995 - Dayton accord in Dec followed by deployment of peacekeeping troops to Bosnia
1995 - Heine Brothers Coffee shop on Frankfort Ave.
1995 - Church Identity Statement adopted
1996 - Jan, Rick and Ellen Burnette established the Upland Holistic Development Project helping people on the Thai-Burma border
1996 - CHBC voted for affiliation with American Baptist Convention (in addition to SBC and CBF)
1996 - Jeff Cavalcante began serving as Minister of Recreation* in May
1996 - CHBC began Eggstravaganza the Saturday before Easter Sunday
1997 - William J. Clinton 2nd term inauguration
1997 - Carver School of Social Work dissolved/absorbed
1997 - Anita Roper began serving as Minister to Youth-Students* in August
1997 - Princess Diana killed in car crash in Paris evening of Aug 31
1997 - Mother Teresa died Sept 5
1997 - CHBC website began in Sept
1998 - SBC resolution endorsing restricted role of women as "submitters"
1998 - CHBC Youth attended Bapt World Alliance Youth Conference in Houston
1998 - Monica Lewinsky affair aired
1998 - Vogue Theater closed
1998 - Google search engine started
1999 - Pres. Clinton impeachment trial with acquittal
1999 - CHBC ordained first gay deacon
1999 - Columbine high school shootings Apr 20 and CHBC gun control initiatives
1999 - CHBC youth began trek to Passport youth camps as an annual event
1999 - Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) closed year at record 11,497
2000 - "" bubble burst and stocks and economy dove into doldrums
2000 - "Love Finds a Way" campaign results in remodeled sanctuary and children depts
2000 - Highlands Latin School founded by Cheryl Lowe. In 2002 HLS began instruction in CHBC building classrooms
2000 - Paul Capps and Bill Johnson were CHBC first missioners to Chiang Mai, Thailand in August working with Burnettes
2000 - CHBC voted Oct 1 to send neither money nor messengers to SBC, effectively leaving the SBC. Consequently any SBTS students who might have joined CHBC would lose their SBC stipend since CHBC was not in the SBC. CHBC membership and teaching support declined.
2000 - Election of Geo. Bush vs. Al Gore with Florida ballot confusion
2001 - Trinity Baptist Church members joined Clifton forming the present Clifton Baptist Church
2001 - George W. Bush inauguration
2001 - 2nd CHBC Mission trip to Chiang Mai Thailand in July (Paul Capps, Clayton Williams, Anita Roper, Chad Johnson, Mary Gutwein, Shelly Guagliardo, Laura Adams, Annette Ellard, Steve Clark, Tim Baker)
2001 - Sept 11 attack on WTC, Pentagon, and Flight 93 (Shanksville, PA)
2001 - first Halloween photo and reception activities in Birchwood Lobby
2001 - US led attack on Taliban and al-Qaida in Afghanistan
2001 - new Chapel organ dedicated and clarion bells working
2002 - End of "Spirit" and Western Recorder distribution; "Life of the Church" (later "Crescent Hill This Week") began as bulletin insert
2002 - Dr. Sisk left in July CHBC for seminary position in South Dakota
2002 - CHBC third Mission trip to Thailand (Nov) -- Upland Holistic Development Project. (Steven, Margaret, Bill, Sharon, Marianne, Annette, Steve)
2002 - Highlands Latin School and English-As-Second Language (ESLL) classes at CHBC
2002 - Cooperative Baptist Fellowship left the SBC and became member of Baptist World Alliance

2003 - Dr. Winford Hendrix serving as Transitional Pastor
2003 - John Birkimer began CHBC e-mail newsletter
2003 - Columbia re-entry disintegration Feb 1
2003 - US and coalition invasion of Iraq March 20 (overthrow of Saddam Hussein)
2003 - Winter Prom in Fellowship Hall
2003 - Youth mission trip with Passport to Kenya
2003 - Church-wide Talent Show
2004 - Medicare Reform bill with some prescription drug coverage passed
2004 - "Companions in Christ" program began
2004 - Homecoming in Jan/Transition continues
2004 - CHBC staff and organizational re-structuring (staff salaries capped at 60-62%)
2004 - June, last D 2004- June, last "Deacon Council Meeting"; Ministry Coordinating Council started in July
2004 - Anita Roper (Minister to Students) left in June; Jeff Cavalcante (Recreation) left earlier.
2004 - church began ministry team organizational model; Dr. Hendrix left in Aug
2004 - tragic car accident on July 14 resulted in deaths of two of CHBC youth (Jenny and Sam)
2004 - 25th Annual Women Retreat in October
2004 - Eleven states adopted constitutional amendments banning gay marriage
2004 - Election of George W. Bush vs. John Kerry (red vs blue state phenomenon)
2004 - Iraq war continued with battles vs "insurgents" in Fallujah and elsewhere
2004 - Josh Bailes became Minister to Children and Youth in Nov
2004 - Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami on Dec 25 took over 240,000 lives
2004 - Facebook launched
2004-2005 - Jim England served as interim
2005 - Inauguration of George W. Bush as U.S. President (43rd second term)
2005 - W. Gregory Pope called as pastor Jan 23.
2005 - Jan 30 elections touted as milestone toward a "free" Iraq
2005 - Darrell Adams and Laura Henderson - CHBC 4th mission trip to Thailand

2005 - W. Gregory Pope became tenth CHBC pastor -- in pulpit Mar 13, installed May 1
2005 - Pope John Paul II died Apr 2 at 84 after 26 1/2 year reign
2005 - 100th anniversary of the Baptist World Alliance in Birmingham, England
2005 - First "Expressions" art exhibit (Heritage Hall) to honor Jenny and Sam memory in July-Aug
2005 - Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans and Gulf coast Aug 28-29 with over 1850 lives lost
2005 - Sept 20, Ryan Gregory Pope born (the first baby born to a CHBC pastor family while serving)
2006 - ministry team implementation continued
2006 - landscaping projects for grounds of church and funds raised for gym and FH renovations.
2006 - Steve and Annette responded to call to be CBF church sponsored missionaries
2007 - 132,000 US troops in Iraq before "surge"
2007 - Jeff Cavalcante (Recreation minister and Building supervisor) resigned in February
2007 - first of more than 200 Karen refugees arrived at CHBC in May (see 1813 entry for Adoniram Judson)
2007 - Fellowship Hall remodeled during the summer (Bob Hieb, Tom Scott, Woody Ford, Beverly Baker, et al)
2007 - Bill Johnson 25th anniv celebration in newly remodeled Fellowship Hall
2007 - search began for children program director
2007 - Buddhist monks march in protest for democracy vs Myanmar junta in Yangon (Sept)
2007 - DJIA hit 14,165 on Oct 9 but the economic recession of 2008 loomed
2007 - M.D. & Hay Moo L.E. married at CHBC in Dec
2007 - CHBC and Karen gift exchange, Dec 23
2007 - Josh Bailes left for Birmingham
2007 - Centennial activities began in Sept and continued until banquet in May 2008
2008 - 100th anniversary of Crescent Hill Baptist Church -- January 12 (Saturday)
2008 - 158,000 US troops in Iraq
2008 - Labyrinth experience began
2008 - Jason Crosby became Minister to Students in February
2008 - Greg Pope trip to Thailand and Karen refugee camps in February
2008 - new Youth Room completed (labor of love by Tim Baker)
2008 - May 10 - Centennial Banquet
2008 - Andrea Woolley became Minister to Children and Afterschool Coordinator in the summer
2008 - Beijing Olympics
2008 - fall - global economic crisis initiated by subprime mortgage collapse and credit shortfall; DJIA 7,900
2008 - Nov 4 - Election of Barack Obama as the 44th President of US and first African-American
2008 - M.D. & H.M.L.E. gave birth to daughter, K.T.L.L.P., in November
2008 - Beginning of the Wednesday afternoon Karen et al tutoring program in the Youth room at church
2008 - CHBC and Karen gift exchange, Dec
2009 - Jan 3, Karen New Year celebrated at CHBC (Karen migration to Kawthoolei State of eastern Burma 2748 years ago)
2009 - EDGE Outreach Costa Rica project
2009 - Inauguration of Barack Obama January 20
2009 - relatively peaceful provincial democratic elections held throughout Iraq in Jan-Feb
2009 - 200th anniversary of birth of Abraham Lincoln, Feb 12
2009 - Jimmy Carter position paper on officially leaving SBC in favor of women rights, July 15
2009 - Youth present program, "ASsK Me", presenting info on Aung San Suu Kyi and plight of people of Myranmar
2009 - Memorial Garden dedicated Nov 1 on All Saints Day
2009 - Carrie Newcomer Sat night concert in CHBC sanctuary to benefit "Choices", Nov 21
2010 - Haiti earthquake and EDGE response to supply water purification units
2010 - Healthcare reform legislation became law
2010 - Facebook became a popular social network outlet
2010 - first "non-Idol" Talent show with Karen and American performers
2010 - BP Gulf of Mexico "Deepwater Horizon" drilling rig explosion April 20 with massive oil polution
2010 - Guiding Team formed in late summer
2011 - Betty Potter fund distribution decided
2011 - CHBC hosted the Alliance of Baptists convocation in April
2011 - Church Council formed (replaced Guiding team in fall)
2011 - CHBC Afterschool program ended
2011 - Steve and Annette began the HOPE Academy
2011 - Sept 4 Bill Johnson announced his retirement effective Sept 30, 2012
2011 - prayer retreat at Heib Farm, Oct 3
2011 - Greg Pope resigned in October; last sermon Oct 16.

2011 - Bill Johnson, Andrea Woolley, Jason Crosby began serving as co-pastors (eleventh, twelveth, thirteenth)
2011 - Sec. State Hillary Clinton visited Burma; CBS News item featured CHBC and Karen; HOPE Academy students sent letters to Sec. Clinton
2011 - Sen. McConnell visit to Burma and visit with Karen-Chin at CHBC on Jan 21
2011 - Myra Dahgaypaw (US Campaign for Burma) addressed CHBC
2011 - Highlands Latin School continued their strong presence at 2800 Frankfort, expecting 100 students in the fall
2012 - President Obama voices support for principle of same sex marriage
2012 - Hope Academy Prom held in May
2012 - Bill Johnson completed his official pastoral ministry and became building manager in October
2012 - Drs. Rick Axtell & Gary Dorrien inaugurated the Wm M. Johnson Lecture Series

2012 - Jason Crosby and Andrea Woolley continued their positions as co-pastors/ministers
2012 - John McCutcheon conducted a benefit concert for Choices
2012 - Aung San Suu Kyi visited Louisville, and hundreds held a vigil welcoming her in October
2012 - Family-friendly stop offered during FAT Friday Trolley Hop in September
2012 - District 2 School Board Forum hosted on Wed night
2012 - Barack Obama elected for second term as President
2012 - Second Church Council selection in November; Chris Conver completed service as spokesperson for the Council as well as the Guiding Team; Margaret Graves became leader of the Council.
2013 - After weeks of discernment CHBC voted on June 12 to be a congregation that "welcomes and fully affirms" lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered individuals.
2013 - 2nd Academic Academy held in summer
2013 - July 13, 200th anniversary of Adoniram and Ann Judson arrival in Burma.
2013 - July 13, Mildred Louise "Milly Lou" Crosby born (2nd baby born to a serving CHBC pastor)
2013 - Aug: 9th Annual "Expressions" art exhibit
2013 - building enhancement project(Birchwood Lobby and hallways) undertaken
2013 - July 28 - another youth (Clayton) from class of 2003 died in tragic car crash
2013 - Women Retreat
2013 - Oct - church voted to join Association of Welcoming and Affirming Baptists
2014 - translation booth inaugurated in honor or Clayton Williams
2014 - Jason Crosby joined other Black and White ministers on Mondays for Empower West lunches
2014 - Wendell Berry conversation in sanctuary
2014 - March - CHBC began listing on Sunday bulletin affiliations with CBF, ABC, Alliance, and AWAB
2014 - summer - 3rd Academic Academy
2014 - Passport at Queens University in Charlotte
2014 - Aug: 10th Annual "Expressions" art exhibit
2014 - Darrell Adams et al began MedWater, collaborating with a global nonprofit to provide safe water and sanitation education in five indigenous Kichwa communities in Napo Province Ecuador.
2014 - Women Retreat
2014 - Nov - CHBC dismissed from the Long Run and Kentucky Baptist Associations because of her welcoming and affirming the LGBT community.
2014 - Nov - first same sex wedding performed at CHBC
2015 - June - Passport at Greensboro College in NC
2015 - summer - 4th Academic Academy
2015 - Pharoah won first Triple Crown since Affirmed in 1978.
2015 - June 26 - U.S. Supreme Court declared same sex marriage constitutional
2015 - Aug: 11th Annual "Expressions" art exhibit
2015 - Sept: CHBC joined with other churches at St. Stephens to support West End enterprise.
2015 - Nov - ISIL inspired Paris bombing followed by San Bernadino shootings led to increased global apprehension of terrorist activities but also support for the peaceful Muslim majority.
2016 - Louisville welcomed more refugees especially from Syria
2016 - Death of Muhammad Ali, June 3 and week-long commemoration in Louisville
2016 - William M. Johnson Lecture series: Brent Walker
2016 - continued dialogue with St. Stephens and other churches about West End development.
2016 - July - Passport at Greensboro College in NC
2017 - Donald Trump inauguration [impeached by House Dec 18, 2019 but cleared by Senate, Jan 2020]
2017 - Empower West Louisville forum: Carol Anderson discussed her book, White Rage, at CHBC on Thursday, Feb 2
2017 - June - Passport at Greensboro
2017 - June 22, Cheryl Joy Lowe, founder of the Highlands Latin School, died of cancer at age 71
2017 - Angela Project (year one of three) Conference at Galt House
2017 - Andrea Woolley and Matthew Dyer married on Nov 18
2018 - 110th anniversary of CHBC
2018 - Third Lutheran Church began worshiping in Heritage Hall
2018 - Richard Rothstein discussed his book, The Color of Law, on Monday, Feb 12
2018 - William M. Johnson Lecture Series: David Gushee
2018 - Dr. Kevin Cosby spoke at Men Breakfast, June 2
2018 - Silas House launched his new book, Southernmost at CHBC on June 5
2018 - June - Passport Youth Camp in Danville, VA
2019 - Empower West Book event: Never Caught by Dr. Erica Dunbar
2019 - CHBC welcomed refugees from Congo
2019 - Mission Response Team formed
2019 - "For the Love of God" Johnson Lecture Series weekend celebrating Dr. E. Glenn Hinson
2019 - Carrie Newcomer concert, June 7
2019 - June - Passport Youth Camp in Boston
2019 - Evening With Wendell Berry, June 26
2019 - Many bathrooms remodeled throughout building and 1926 building boiler replaced
2020 - Jan 30, official beginning of Covid-19 pandemic
2020 - March - Covid-19 pandemic forced churches including CHBC to hold virtual worship services. CHBC recorded the worship service on Thurday and upload it to Youtube. Wednesday prayer mtg and SS classes met by Zoom and no in person gatherings at the church. Passport camps cancelled.
2020 - March 13, Breona Taylor killed in Louisville during police raid with widespread "Black Lives Matter" protests following not only her death but others including George Floyd on May 25 in Minneapolis.
2020 - 40+ million unemployed because of the pandemic, most since the Great Depression. Income inequality worsened. (Top 20% with income increases over past 40 yrs vs lower 80% without income increases.)
2020 - Nov election in which Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump, who claimed falsely that election was stolen.
2021 - CHBC created and began stocking the Little Pantry at front of Library Parking Lot
2021 - Jan 6, insurrection at the Capitol where Trump supporters tried to nullify the election
2021 - Jan 20, inauguration of Joe Biden as the 46th U.S. President, and Kamala Harris as first woman to be Vice President
2021 - availability of free vaccines to protect against the Covid-19 virus (unfortunately not taken by many)
2021, May 30 - resumption of in-person worship on Sun morning with masks and social distancing.
2021, Dec - devastating tornado affecting many in Western Kentucky (Mayfield, Dawson Springs, et al)
2022 - Jan, emergence of Omicron strain of the Covid-19 virus with further hospitalizations and deaths esp among the unvaccinated
2022, Feb 24 -- Russia invaded Ukraine initiating the Ukrainian War
2022, Apr - Most of Karen families left CHBC to form a Karen Bapt Church in their own building in Bullit County, KY.
2022 - May 1, Jason Crosby resigned pastorate and became Chaplain at Centre College in August 2022.
2022, May 14 - Jordan Conley graduated from Bapt Seminary of KY in ceremony held in sanctuary of CHBC.
2022, Jun 24 - U.S. Supreme Court 6-3 decision overturned Roe vs. Wade
2022, Jul 27 - devastating flood in Knott, Letcher, Breathitt, and other counties in Eastern KY
2022, Aug 4 - first trip to deliver flood relief supplies to Eastern KY
2022, Aug 10 - resumption of Wednesday evening in-person activities, first since halt in Mar 2020

2022 - Aug 14, in a Ministry Forum CHBC called Jordan Conley to be co-pastor (fourteenth) and serve with Andrea Woolley (twelveth).
2022 - Sep 8, death of Queen Elizabeth II
2022 - Sep 16-18 -- Johnson Lecture Series: Glad Reunion -- Remembering Ministry of John R. Claypool
2022 - Oct 4: Aaron Judge hit his 62nd home run as a Yankee, beating Roger Maris record of 61 in 1961.
2022 - Oct 9: Jordan Conley installed as the 14th pastor or co-pastor of CHBC.
2022 - Oct: Goal achieved to provide air-conditioned van for the Burnettes "Cultivate Abundance" project in Florida
2023 - May 5, official end of the global Covid-19 pandemic
2023 - May 6, Coronation of Charles III
2023 - Sept 6: Silas House discussing his book Lark Ascending.
2023 - Sept 27: Sowing Seeds with Faith presentation
2023 - Sept 30 - Oct 1 -- Johnson Lecture Series: Celebrating 50 years of Women In Ministry with Dr. Eileen Campbell-Reed
2024 - Presidential election year with the country in a precariously polarized position
2024 - Mission Response trip to assist the Burnette family with their work in Florida

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* Names of various staff who have served the church since its organization are listed separately except for the current ministers of education, music, youth and recreation. See Staff History.
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