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Henlee Hulix Barnette

Henlee Barnette
This 10x12 acrylic on leather portrait of Dr. Barnette was painted by long time friend and fellow church member, Wendell Arnett in 1977 probably for the occasion of one of Henlee's many "retirement" dinners.

Some of his published books

A Letter from Henlee - 1992

Helen Barnette died in the spring of 1992, and in the fall of that same year Charlie Dobbins died. Henlee felt moved to write the following letter of condolence to Mrs. Dobbins on the back of a copy of the article, "Living with Lonliness" published in the Nov/Dec 1992 issue of Pulpit Digest.

Henlee's memoir

Available from Mercer University Press, November 2004

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