Appendix D.


The following are some of the wills collected thus far. There are many others in the Archives at Frankfort which could be added to these.

1. Reuben Arnett, Sr. [this is a copy of the will published in the Arnett Album, Vol. I]

2. Inventory of Ambrose Arnett [transcription of microfilmed version in State Archives at Frankfort. Ambrose died intestate without a will. The inventory is interesting because of the mention of "books" which were possibly medical books and "saddle bags" which he would have used in his travels across the county in his doctoring.]

3. Will of H.G. Arnett [copied from Archives at Frankfort] [not yet scanned and uploaded]

4. Will of Galen Arnett [copied from Archives at Frankfort] [not yet scanned and uploaded]

5. Other wills: [Eventually I'll get copies of those of G.C., Charlie Sublett (in latest MCHS Mag)]

Reuben Arnett, Sr. (c.1786-1856, age 70)

The following will from Floyd Co., Ky. records #20 is copied from the Arnett Album, Vol. I, 1983, pg. 15. [brackets] inserted by me.


I, Reuben Arnett, Sr. of the county of Floyd and State of Kentucky of sound mind and memory do make and ordain this as my last will and testament.
Item first, I will my body to the earth from whence it was taken and my soul to God who gave it.
Item 2nd, to my sons Stephen, William, David, Hiram, Ambrose and Reuben all legal heirs of my body I bequeath of my estate to each on them One Dollar
[Item 3], to my daughters Anney Howard, Nancy Howard, Letty Carty (torn) legal heirs of my body I will and bequeath to (torn) of my estate one dollar out of my landed property, all of which lies on the middle fork of Licking River in the county and state aforesaid.
[Item 4]. I make the following bequests to wit:
First I bequeath to my son David Arnett so much thereof as I had heretofore allotted to him and known by my family and others as his claim
[Second] To my son Hiram Arnett I bequeath so much thereof as I had heretofore allotted to him and known by my family and others as his claim
[Third] To my son Reubin Arnett I bequeath the residue of any land which includes the farm and premises upon which I now live and to him also I bequeath a yellow boy Slave named Randall aged 7 years. [Randall was most likely the offspring of Reuben and his slave Mary. See Appendix E.] To my son Reubin Arnett I also bequeath all my personal property of every description. These bequests in favor of my Son Reubin Arnett are upon the express condition that he shall well and truly pay off and discharge all just debts against me or my estate at the time of my death. My Negro woman Mary I also bequeath to my son Reuben Arnett upon condition that he take support in a decent manner his mother and to my former bequests in his favor I now annex that condition.

This Will not to take effect until after my death and to be subject to any alternations [sic] I may choose to make during my life time.

Witness hereof I have hereinto set my hand and affixed my seal this 31st Day of October 1845.

Reuben his X mark Arnett (seal)

Witnesses: David Arnett, Wiley Arnett, Stephen Arnett, John Minix, Michal Risnor

Inventory of

Ambrose Arnett (1814-1854, 40 yo)

The Archives in Frankfort have no record of a will Ambrose Arnett left, but copied below is an inventory of his assets including money owed him possibly for medical services.

Appraisal Bill

The following is a true and just inventory and appraisment of all the personal Estate of Ambrose Arnett dec'd which was produced to us by William Arnett and Reuben Arnett his natural heirs:
1 note on Reubin Howard due 25 March 1854	       $ 53.00
1 note on Mulley Gullett due 28 June 1854		  1.12
1 note on Jos. H. Montgomery due 12 March 1853		  5.00
1 note on Benjamin Carpenter due 25 July 1854		  2.00
1 note on John Mc Dan'l due 25 July 1849		  2.00
1 note on Moss Howard due 5 July 1849			 15.00
1 note on James Howard, Jr. due 11 Apr 1853		 65.00
1 note on Danl Trusly due 9 Jan 1851			  2.00
1 note on Andrew Howard due 2 Sept 1854			 65.00
1 note on Shepherd Collins due 4 March 1854		  5.00
1 note on James Allen due 18 Aprl 1852			  2.00
1 note on Jas Howard, Jr. due 1 Nov 1854		110.00
1 note on Henry Howard due 25 Nov 1848			 25.00
1 note on Martin Phipps due 14 July 1855		  2.50
1 note on William Dyer due 8 June 1850			  9.00
1 note on Geo Lewis due 24 Dec 1846			  2.00
1 note on Henry Fletcher due 10 June 1848		  1.00
1 note on Nelson Dyer due 19 Dec 1846			  2.75
	Subject to a Settlement
1 account on James Caudil for				 11.40
1 account on Thomas Howard due for 			  8.00
1 account on Robert Alsup for 				  5.00
1 account on Stephen Arnett, Jr. for			   .50
1 account on Thomas Howard for 				  4.50
1 account on Elijah Williams for			   .75
1 account on Junius Howard for 				  9.00
1 account on A. Risner for 				  1.50
1 account on Andrew Howard for 				  9.25
1 yoke oxen  $85,  1 cow  $12, 1 cow at $9		106.00
1 cow $12, 1 cow $10, 1 cow $8				 50.00
1 cow & calf $16, 1 cow $7, 1 cow $10			 33.00
1 cow $9.50, 1 Bull $10, 1 yoke 2 years old oxen $30	 49.50
2 yearling Heifers  $11,  13 yearling steers $84.50	 95.50
5 calves $17.50, 1 mare with $95			112.50
1 Brown Horse $50, 1 mare $50, 1 yearling Colt $15      115.00
1 Bay yearling filly $60, 1 Taml filly $45		105.00
21 Head of Hogs $55, 12 head of sheep $15		 70.00
20 Oat Stacks $77, 3 Hay Stacks $10.50			 87.50
1 Field of Standing Corn $50, 1 Shovel Plough $1.50	 51.50
2 Log Chains $5, 1 spade $1, 1 Cluii $ .50		  6.50
4 Weeding Hoes $1.25, 1 Mattock  & gathering Hoe $1.50	  2.75
1 Savin $.50, 1 Claw Hammer $ .50, Iron wedge $1.50	  2.50
2 Ploughs & Curry Comb $1, 1 Saw & ______		  2.00
1 pair guns $2, 1 Sythe & Cradle $2, 1 Grap Sythe & hook  4.75
1 Saddle Rope  $.  50, 1 Turning Plough $7,1 bedstead $7 14.50
1 Rifle gun $15.33, 1 Pistol $4, 1 table $5		 70.33
1 grind stone $2.50, 75 # bacon $6.50			  9.00
 1 Lott Medicine $2.75					  2.75
1 Silk Tooth Drawers & Lancets $5, 1 pr Scales $1	  6.00
1 pr Saddle Pockets $2, 1 Lott Medical Books $7.50	  9.50
We do certify that the forgoing inventory contains all the personal estate of Ambrose Arnett, dec'd which hath come into our hands given under our hands this 10th day of Oct.54.

Wm. x Arnett
Rueben x Arnett

State of Kentucky
Morgan County

August Court 1855
At a County Court Commission and held fro the County of ____ at the Courthouse in the Same of West Liberty on the 27th day of August 1855, this appraisment bill of the Estate of Ambrose Arnett dec'd was this day produced in open court and entered to record which is done.

Att. H. Grontt

We do Certify that the foregoing appraisal was and justly made of the personal property of Ambrose Arnett dec'd which was produced to us by his administrators to the best of our judgment all of which we notified fully ___ to the Morgan County Court given under our hands this 10th day of Oct 1854
Phipp Gose
Isaiah Salyers
Mason Williams

[Following this inventory there is a Sale Bill of who bought what and how much they paid. There are some 80 transactions noted. Listed below are the names of those buying items in alphabetical order and some of the purchases.]

Adams, William (three oat stacks, one bed stead)
Arnett, David, Jr.
Arnett, David (hay stack, scythe & cradle)
Arnett, Hiram (oat stack)
Arnett, Reubin (one mattock, one hoe, one reap hook)
Arnett, Susannah (3 cows, 2 yearling heifers, 21 hogs, 13 sheep, one brown horse,
...................................hay stack, one plough, one table)
Bailey, A.C. (bought four books)
Craft, William (23 lbs bacon)
Fitzpatrick, William
Gose, Philip (oat stack)
Gregory, John
Gullett, James (one field of corn)
Gullett, Mason (one grind stone)
Hagans, John (one yearling colt)
Howard, Henry, Jr. (16 lbs. bacon)
Howard, Isaac (one pistol)
Jones, Wiley
Kendall, Francis (one cow)
Lancaster, Ambrose (one cow)
Lundegs, Frederick (one cow)
Marshall, Johnson
McCarty, David
McNew, William H. (oat stack, plough)
Minix, Charles
Neese, John
Patrick, John (one rope)
Patrick, John, Jr. (oat stack)
Phips, John
Prater, Archibald (one cow & calf)
Prater, Jilson
Ray, Daniel (one saddle)
Reid, Danl (one chair)
Risner, Eli
Risner, Jacob (one plough)
Risner, William, Jr (saddle pockets, 12 lbs. bacon)
Robinson, Henry J. (one mare)
Rose, E. A. (lancets and tooth drawers)
Rose, P.S. (one book)
Salyer, William (one scythe, one rifle, one Lott of Medicine)
Salyers, Isaiah (one cow)
Sizemore, Granville (oat stack)
Wheeler, A.
Whitaker, H. A. (one chair, one pair scales, one spice mortar)
Wiley, Tom (one Bay filly)

Grover Cleveland Arnett's Will

(to be copied eventually from Archives in Frankfort)
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