Crescent Hill Baptist Church

A Sampling of the Musical, Dramatic and Visual Art Productions


Robert W. Fallis (Min of Music and organist from 1918 until 1921)


Miss Jessie Sammuels (interim Min of Music in 1921)


Mrs. Stephen S. Jones (organist from Jun 1927 until Oct 1953). Herbert Cralle and Louise Blythe Dohrman were substitue organists.


"Christmas Carol"


David Byler (Min of Music..Sep 1949 until Aug 1950)


C. S. Hodge (Min of Music..Sep 1951 until Mar 1953)


Forrest Heeren (Min of Music..Mar 1953 until Nov 1964)
Phyllis Heeren (organist from Oct 1953 until Feb 1965)


Old Fashioned Worship Service. . .
.............. "Songs of faith and testimony played with Christian restraint by talented members of the fellowship both young and old.. . .Sister Forrest Heeren at the melodeon"

Blue Overalls Angel (Ann Coulter Martans; directed by Darleen Ogden)


The Black Sheep. . .(Hoyt Edge, David Graves, Jane Thurman)
Roger Williams and Mary . . . (Hoyt Edge, Cassandra Colvin, Richard Cook)


The Challenge of the Cross. . . (directed by Harold Martin)
(cast: Jane Thurman, Gita Richardson, Carol Claxon, Jenny Graves, John Whirley, Shan Burks, David Graves, Sara Callaway, Esther Littleton, Jim Pool, Martin Laessig, Bonnie Walters. lighting: Alan Culpepper)

Arnold Epley (Min of Music..May 1965 until July 1973)
Linda Epley (organist from May 1965 until Aug 1976)


Gloria. . . Antonio Vivaldi
A Youth Drama. . . directed by John Musgrave


Linda Epley (Min of Music..Aug 1973 until Aug 1976)
First performance of newly published Celebrate Life with lyrics by Ragan Courtney based on four gospels and music by Buryl Red
Polly Thomason was the stage director and Linda Epley was musical director
performers: The Young Adult and Youth Choirs
two performances of this debut one on May 20, the other in June


100% Chance of Rain
It Is Cool in the Furnace
Jonah\s Tale of a Whale

Michael Hawn (Min of Music..Sep 1976 until June 1980)
Karen Jones (organist in 1976)


Paula Snodderly Roberts (organist from Apr 1978 until 1995). Susan Richardson organist in 1981
Amahl and The Night Visitors

Celebrate Life - Ragan Courtney, Buryl Red
(aprox date, performed again in 1990)


Rainbow Promise, a musical story for puppets and people (Seabough, Kirkland)
Chapel Choir Concert at St. Meinrad Archabbey
Magnificat. . . .Antonio Vivaldi
July...Paul Richardson and Paula Roberts (interim Mins of Music from July 1980 until Sep 1982)


Windows on the Passion, a musical
A New Covenant by John Fischer (youth choirs of CHBC & St. Marks)
Grady Nutt and Paul Duke composed the lyrics for the "Crescent Hill Hymn" for the installation service for Stephen Shoemaker
Darrell Adams and Paul Duke composed the music and lyrics for Family of God


Milburn Price (Min of Music..Oct 1982 until July 1985)
Bright New Wings (Cynthia Clawson, Ragan Courtney, Buryl Red)
Bill Leonard wrote the program for Hanging of the Green copyrighted and used in subsequent years


Jan..Noyes Flood. . . a musical drama directed by Nancy Niles Sexton
75th Anniv special...The Conversion of Saint Paul . . . Felix Mendelssohn
Mar...Church orchestra performance
Mar...Performing Arts Series "Music for Young Liseners"



Louie Bailey (Min of Music... Oct 1985 until ______)
Harpsichord Dedication Recital, the Performing Arts Series
Together We Stand (Youth Rally for Long Run Bapt. Assoc.)
The Holy Rollers
Chester Mystery Plays
Celebrate Life music by Buryl Red and lyrics by Regan Courtney


Saints Alive (musical for Senior Adults by Woolley & Kirkland)
This was the first annual performance by the Singing Seniors later called the Primetime Singers
Angels (Cynthia Clawson, Ragan Courtney, Buryl Red)
Requiem. . . W. A. Mozart
Evening with Ken Medema
O Coral Sin fonico (Recife Baptist Seminary Choir performance)
Love, You Spoke a Word . . . Ken Medema & drama by Craig McNair Wilson


Its Friday. . . written and directed by John Styron
Lifes Treasures . . . Singing Seniors with Vicki Ragsdale & Louie Bailey
Jubilate: a Worship Celebration
The Hymnsinger at Christmas. . . Cynthia Clawson
A Christmas Gift.. . . Golden Bellringers and Singing Seniors
Ye Olde English Madrigal Dinner


The Word Became Flesh to Dance Among Us
..............Crescent Hill Interpretive Movement Ensemble (C.H.I.M.E.)
A Festival of Hymns and Organs. . . Reformation Day Concert
Christmas Oratorio (1734). . . .J. S. Bach
Amahl and The Night Visitors


Friends Forever (Nan Gurley, Jim Weber, Billy Sprague; arr Steven V. Taylor)
Visual Art Shows at Lent and Advent. . .coordinated by Dwight Cobb
The Message of Freedom
Gloria. . . Antonio Vivaldi
Amahl and The Night Visitors. . . Gian Carlo Maiotti


Celebrate Life (Ragan Courtney, Buryl Red)
Cotton Patch Gospel (book: Tom Key, Russell Treyz; music: Harry Chapin)
David and The Giants
Love Makes the World Go Round. .Singing Seniors with Elaine Parker & Louie Bailey
Visual Art Show during the Advent Season


Requiem (K 626)(1791). . .W. A. Mozart
Celebrate the Vision....a musical by Allen Pote, lyrics: Carol McCann
Mostly Mozart Festival
Moravian Christmas Love Feast
Coffee House Worship & Original Music


Jubilate Deo. . . Youth Spring Concert
Fall Festival of Music
Paul & Co. . . (Mary Nelson Kisthahan, John Horman)
The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail (Jerome Lawrence & Robert E. Lee)


Sunny Side Up. . . a musical by the Singing Seniors


Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
Friends Forever
Let Us Be Merry and Joyful


Bobbie Thomason (organist from 1995 until 2002)
Ye Olde Christmas Madrigal Feaste - Ye Olde Christemas Storye
Joshua and the Wallbreakers
The Hebrew Superbowl: Samson and Delilah
Lord of the Dance


Christmas in Story and Song
Narnia (based on C.S. Lewis The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe)


Postlude after Easter Service: Toccata for Symphonie No.5 by Charles-Marie Widor...played by Bobbie Thomason
Christmas with Harp and Voices: A Medieval/Renaissance Christmas
Celebrate Life
Requiem by John Rutter
He Never Failed Me Yet with selections from Jesus Christ Superstar
Dec 25....Louise Blythe Dohrman donated the Clarion Bell player to honor her first husband, E. Bruce Blythe


Easter postlude: Chorus Magnus by J.P.E. Hartman played by Bobbie Thomason
Lord, Make Me and Instrument
"Art and Soul". . . a celebration of arts in the communities of faith by CHBC & Speed Art Museum


The Seven Last Words of Christ by Theodore Dubois
Easter Postlude: Toccata by Charles-Marie Widor played by Bobbie Thomason
God On Broadway: Selections from
......Fiddler On The Roof, Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,
......Hunchback of Notre Dame, Requiem by Andrew Lloyd Webber,
......The Prince of Egypt, Sister Act II: Back in the Habit,


Spring Concert Series (four Sundays).. Chapel organ dedication by John Hollmes; Carolyn Holm (flute), Laura Lea Duckworth; David and Colleen Buroughs; sancuary piano dedicated by Don Carpenter and Louie Bailey.  Louise Blythe Dohrman donated the Chapel organ.
Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"
"Light the Fire Within"...Youth led worship
Gospel Mass by Robert Ray...Youth and Chancel Choir
"He Keeps Me Singing"...Primtime Singers concerts
"The Lights of Christmas"...Primtime Singers
Advent Hymns written by Primetime Singers and CHBC members
Children and Youth..."Once Upon a Night" by Bill Leach and Vicki Wright
Christmas Festival with orchestra and Dale Brannon, Elizabeth Hartwell of Louisville Ballet


Gary Millsap study of Brahams Requiem
Easter postlude: "Thine is the Glory" by brass ensemble
May..."Jesus Life and Mine"..."Songs of Jesus"...Youth....written by Louie Bailey based on Sharleen Birkimer idea
May...Youth Choir from FBC Shawnee, OK
"The Good News According to Disney"...Primetime Singers programs (at CHBC, Glendale, Hodgenville, and ChCh Meth)
"Faith Alive on Stage and Film"...Youth Choir Spring Concert
Gloria by Vivaldi and Laudate Dominum by Mozart...Choir and Lou Orchestra


Daniel Light (organist from 2003 until July 2004)
Spring Concerts (four Sundays)...Lou Brass, Beth Wade, Chris Powell, Daniel Light, Dale McAbee
Easter postlude: "An Easter Allelulia" by Robert Elmore played by Daniel Light
May..."Twelve Ways to Stay Young at Heart" .. Primetime Singers
June (Trinity Sunday)..."Sound Over All Waters" by Paul Halley
Christmas Carols by John Rutter
Hanging of Green and Festival of Lessons and Carols

Louie Bailey (organist ... in addition to being Min of Music...from July 2004 until ____ )
A Season to Celebrate
Spring Concert Series (four Sundays)...Don Scott Carpenter, Leslie Conver, Gordon Thomas, Esther Horesh, The Louisville Trio
"When I Grow Old"...Primetime Ringers and Singers
"Music of Bells and Children" performance by children
"We Love Carols"...Primetime Ringers and Singers
Magnificat by John Rutter with Combined Choirs of CHBC, Highland, St. Aloysius and Louisville Orchestra
Hanging of Green and Lessons and Carols

Easter postlude: Toccata for Symphonie No.5 by Charles-Marie Widor...played by Louie Bailey (the tradition began)
July-Aug: First "Expressions" art exhibit (Heritage Hall) in memory of Jenny and Sam
Celebrate Life by Buryl Red and Regan Courtney
"God is Life" .... Youth spring concert
"Advent PraiSing" and Variety Shows

Palm Sunday...Highlands Latin School choir and Brass ensemble (Michael Tunnell, Doug Holm, Norma Ruble)
"Sentimental Journey"...Primetime Ringers and Singers
"We Will Sing for Joy"...Elementary choir program
"Love, You Spoke a Word" by Ken Medema...Youth Choir program
PraiSing.."Give Me That Old Time Religion"

The Seven Last Words of Christ by Theodore Dubois....Chancel Choir and Lou Orchestra
"Children of Light"...Elementary Choir
"Take It In Your Stride"...Primetime Ringers and Singers
International and Global Missions program with Interpretive Dance by Faith Matthews Muller
"Christmas at CH" ... Primetime Ringers and Singers; "Sing a Song of Advent"...Elementary Choir


Centennial Celebrations including banquet in May
Portable Labyrinth (modeled after Chartres) dedicated
"Song of the Shadows" by Joseph Martin...Chancel Choir
April...Paul Duke preached and new 2nd verse of Crescent Hill Hymn introduced
"Saints Forever"...Primetime Singers celebrating centennial of memorable characters at CHBC
Primetime Ringers concert
"When Morning Comes, I say"...Elementary choir
4th annual Expressions Art Exhibit in Heritage Hall
Hanging of Green, Lessons and Carols


Requiem by John Rutter...Chancel Choir with Joshua Steinbock, Carol McClure (harp), others
"Wheres That Silver Lining"...Primetime Ringers and Singers
"Sing, Dance, Clap Your Hands"....Elementary Choir
"Down to Earth" in concert with Kate Sanders, Rine Whitely...concert for Choices
"Gospel Mass" by Robert Ray...Chancel Choir
"How Can I Keep From Singing" "Bantom Baroque"
Carrie Newcomer concert to benefit Choices
Hanging of Green, Lessons and Carols, Greg Rahming mini concert


"Passim Story of Jesus in Music and Scripture"
"With Grateful Hearts" written by PT singers, Elaine Akin, Louie Bailey
Jubilation Ringer program


Jan...Kate Campbell concert to benefit Choices
Good Fri...Taize Music
Easter....Hallelujah Chorus and the traditional Widor Toccata postlude
Children Sabbath...voices of youth Fall..."Non-Idol Tallent Share"
Hanging of Green...Mitz Nabekura (piano), Adrienne Tarpey (cello), Allison Hammons and Marena Vitorio (flutes)
Elem Choir..."A Waiting Carol," "A Child Shall Come"
"Silver Bells"...Karen Singers; Youth ensemble, Ian Hooper


April...Highlands Latin School players....Music Man by Meredith Wilson...Louie Bailey, music director
Easter postlude...Toccata by Charles-Marie Widor played by Louie Bailey on organ
Apr 29...Jennifer Knapp Concert at Highland Baptist Church..."In or Our" sermon by Jason Crosby at CHBC later in month
June..."Five Mystical Songs" by Ralph Vaughan Williams and George Herbert ____ (1593-1633)
Sept...John McCutcheon concert to benefit Choices
Oct...Vesper Service of Jacques Bernthier, Taize


Maundy Thurs...The Seven Last Words of Christ by Theodore Dubois
Good Fri...Contemplation in the Taize tradition
Easter...Hallelujah and the traditional Toccata with Louie Bailey on organ
June...Gospel Mass by Robert Ray
Advent Evening Vespers [instead of Hanging of Green]
Service of Lessons and Carols


Feb...Charlie King, Karen Brandow, Darrell Adams concert at Clifton Center to benefit MedWater
Mar...Highlands Latin School players...The Sound of director, Louie Bailey
Apr...Thai Drama Troupe at CHBC
Easter postlude...Toccata for a Joyful Day by Emma Lou Diemar with Guy Younce on the organ
June...Psalms, Hymns, Spirituals by Mozart, Rutter, et al
Dec...Second Chance in concert in chapel sponsored by Live Wires
Advent Evening Vespers
Dec 19...death of Dr. Michael Tunnell with funeral attended by balcony full of trumpeters
Dec...Selections from Handels Messiah and Gloria by Vivaldi


Jan...Ian Hooper directing Chancel Choir for three months
Mar 29...Elementary and Chancel Choir with June conducting
Apr...Song of the Shadows by Joseph Martin
Apr 5...Gloria in Excelsis Deo quartet..June Bailey, Emily Sellers, Mitz Nabekura, Benjamin Ragsdell
July-Aug: 10th Annual Expressions Art-Poetry Exhibit: John Arnett,Jack Boots, Rachel Bunger, Logan Flecke, Morgan Flecke, Ruth Ford, David Kreider, Richard Lyons, Isabelle Lytle, Martha Lytle, Peggy Perkins, Diane Robl, Eugenia Robertson, Tom Scott, Diane Taylor, Dale Tucker, Gail Tucker, Eh Kaw Paw
Aug...Musical selections from Appalachian and Gospel traditions..."Down to the River to Pray," "O Brother, Where Art Thou."


Feb 21...Tribute concert for Michael Tunnell
Good Fri...Taize music
Easter...Hallelujah and Toccata by Widor with Louie Bailey on organ
June...Gospel Mass by Robert Ray
Oct...Reformation Hymn sing on Wed; Children Sunday with Elementary Choir
Dec...Advent Vesper Service


Feb...Logan Flecke sponsored Talent Show to benefit Global Food Insecurity project by Brown students
Feb, Apr...Elementary Choir songs Easter...Hallelujah and Toccata
June...VBS children songs in worship service
June...Elizabeth Weaver joined CHBC
Oct...Karen Youth Ensemble in worship
Dec..Advent Vesper Service...Logan Flecke "Rise Up Shepherd, and Follow"


Jan...Agincourt Hymn (Deo Gracias
Mar...The Seven Last Sayings of Christ by Music Makers
Easter...Hallelujah Chorus and Toccata
April...Highlands Latin School players...It\\\\\\\\\'s A Wonderful Life
May...Singers from HLS entertain Live Wires
May...Youth Sunday..."By Our Love" by Christy Nockels and Ten Thousand Reasons by Jonas Martin adn Mark Redman
June...Pie Jesu by Andrew Lloyd Weber sung by Emily Steinbock and Meg Booker
Oct...Annual Interfaith Peace Concert with Darrell Adams and Greg Rahming
Advent...Benjamin Britton "Lessons and Carols"
Dec...Music with Harp and Voices...Amy Shefer, harpist


Mar...Norma Ruble et al conducting Chancel Choir
Mar...Highlands Latin School players...My Fair Lady with music direction by Louie Bailey
Easter....Hallelujah and Toccota
June...Carrie Newcomber concert to benefit Choices June...Choir concert for Pentecost
Dec....Service of Lessons and Carols


Jan...CHBC began live streaming the Sunday morning worship services. This was a providential development.
Jan...Tom Scott, founder of the Art Spirit group died
Mar 8...Last worship service of 2020 because of the Covid pandemic...For God So Loved by Joseph Martin
Mar 8...Prelude.."What Wondrous Love Is This" arranged by Louie Bailey
During the pandemic worship service were live streamed and Louie Bailey continued to play the organ. Many other musicians participated including Elizabeth Weaver, Allison Hammons, Kori Hammons, Darrell Adams, Mike Mason and Luke Griffin, Laura Lea Duckworth, Mitz Nabekura, Greg Rahming, Nick Wilson, Frank Woggon, et al. Joe Williams, Jon Sanders, Chris Jones, Eileen Bartlett, Darrell Adams, and others provided the audio-visual tech support during these fourteen months.


May...Resumption of in-person-worship with live streaming continuing for those unable or not wishing to attend.
May 30..."Crescent Hill Hymn,", "Holy Ground" sung by Greg Rahming, Family of God sung by Darrell Adams, Toccata from Symphonie No. 5 played by Louie Bailey
Aug...Harry Pickens concert for Interfaith Path to Peace...vibes with Dick Sisto, Tyrone Wheeler (bass), Jonathan Higgins (drums)
Nov...John McCutcheon concert for Kentucky Refugee Ministies
Dec...Service of Lessons and Carols


April...Art Spirit resumed
Easter... Choir, Hallelujah Chorus, postlude Toccata
June...Highlands Latin School players...Fiddler on the Roof ... muscic director, Louie Bailey
May...ASL featured on live streaming video
July 10...Jason Crosby last Sunday...Toccata
Aug...Wednesday night activities resumed
Sept....Johnson Lecture Series honoring Dr. John Claypool..."Ride on King Jesus" Greg Rahming, "Softly and Tenderly," Toccata
Dec...Lessons and Carols
Dec..."The Choir that shows up" caroling sponsored by Rowan Claypool continued


Mar...Sean Bailey remembered
Easter...Hallelujah Chorus by Handel and postlude Toccata... by Widor, Louie Bailey, organist
Spring...Selections from Celebrate Life performed
June...Main sanctuary organ 50 year anniversary
summer...Pride Choir
November 12th --- 50th anniversary performance of Celebrate Life in its entirity
Vicki Ragsdell -- stage manager; Louie Bailey -- musical director
performed by the Chancel Choir and others



Louie and June Bailey....40years at CHBC


100th Anniversary of beginning construction of 1926 CHBC building by Otto Mock, architect


May 1, 1927....First service in the new 1926 sanctuary


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