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Crescent Hill Baptist Church
Crescent Hill Baptist Church is and has always been a community of folk who enjoy sharing each others stories about their faith and life. Many have taken the time to share their stories for the "record." The lists below primarily represent published books and albums known to the church and cited in the SBTS Library computer and the files of This is but a sampling of the many words--spoken, sung and written--by these present and former members of the CHBC faith community. Those instrumental musicians who "speak" in another manner are also listed. Eventually we\\'ll note those who\\'ve sung in the choirs, participated in Chime and Drama, and graced us with the Visual Arts.
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(Instrumental Musicians)



Akin, Elaine Parker

Aleshire, Daniel O.

Allen, Nancy Drown

Ammerman, Nancy Tatom

Amos, William E.

Arnett, John W.

Bailey, Patricia Lawson

Bailey, Raymond

Barnette, Henlee H. (1911-2004)

Barnette, Martha

[CHBC "Youth Alumni" Class of 1975]

Bass, Anita

Birkimer, John

Blevins, Carolyn DeArmond

Boone, William Cooke (1892-1970)

Brewer, Ben

Brooks, Nathan C. ( ? - mid 1980\\'s)

Bugg, Charles B.

Burhans, Rollin S.

Chafin, Kenneth

Chapman, Kathryn

Clarke, Mary Neal

Claypool, John Rowan

Cobb, D. Dwight (1942-1995)

Conver, Christopher C.

Conver, Leigh

Cook, Betty Taylor

Cook, David Huey

Cook, Richard Baldwin

[CHBC "Youth Alumni" Class of 1961]

Cothen, Grady C.

[Dr. Cothen has never been a member of CHBC, but his son (Grady) married Lelia [sic] Routh, a niece of Leila Katherine Routh Arnett, and this book is of interest to CHBC members affected by the changes in the SBC.]

Courtney, Ragan

Cox, James W.

Crismon, Leo T. (1906-1986)

[SBTS librarian and CHBC historian for over thirty years]

Crosby, Ann

Culpepper, Hugo H.

Culpepper, R. Alan

[CHBC "Youth Alumni" Class of 1963]

Davis, Marty

[CHBC "Youth Alumni" Class of 1991]

Debusman, Paul M.

Dobbins, Gaines Stanley (1886-1978)

Dockrey, Karen Kline

[taught Youth SS in late 1970\\'s]

Dockrey, Emily et al.

[Karen\\'s daughter]

Donovan, John B.

[husband of Nancy Goetzman, CHBC "Youth Alumni" Class of 1963]

Duke, Paul D.

Eddleman, H. Leo

Edge, Finley (1916- )

Edge, Charlene L.

[wife of Hoyt Edge]

Edge, Hoyt

[CHBC "Youth Alumni" Class of 1962]

Ford, Jr., Milton

Francisco, Clyde T. (1916-1981)

Gaddy, C. Welton

Gaddy, Judy Gabriel

Garland, David E.

Garland, Diana S. Richmond

Garrett, James Leo

Gaventa, Beverly Roberts

[wife of Bill Gaventa, Jr, CHBC "Youth Alumni" Class of 1965]

Gaventa, John

["Youth Alumni" Class of 1967]

Gaventa, William, Jr.

[CHBC "Youth Alumni" Class of 1965]

George, Denise

George, Timothy

Goerner, Henry Cornell (1908 - )

[Dr. Goerner was interim pastor at CHBC before the arrival of Dr. W.C. Boone.]

Goetzman, Blanche

[CHBC "Youth Alumni" Class of 1936]

Graham, Charles L. (1884-1953)

Graves, Allen Willis (1915-1991)

Graves, Harold K.

[brother of Allen Graves and president for many years of Golden Gate BTS]

Graves, Helen Cannan

Graves, Margaret

Graves, Thomas H.

[CHBC "Youth Alumni" Class of 1965]

Hastings, Robert J.

Haworth, Barry

Hendricks, Lois Lindsey

Hendricks, William L.

Hester, J. Michael

Hinson, E. Glenn (1931- )

Honeycutt, Roy Lee (1926-2004)

Hovde, Howard

Hull, William E.

Hyde, Cannan

Hyde, James

Jensen, Mark

Johnson, William S.

Jordan, Oakley

[Youth Alumni "Class of 1967"]

Leonard, Bill J.

McEwen, June Holland

Marshall-Green, Molly Truman

Moody, Dale (1915-1992)

Morton, William Hardy (1915 - 1988)

Myers, Bob

Nutt, Eleanor Wilson

Nutt, Grady (1934-1982)

Oates, Wayne

[Though a member of St. Matthews and not CHBC, Dr. Oates has had tremendous impact on the personal and professional lives of many of Crescent Hill\\'s members. Some of his books with publication dates are, therefore, included below as found in the files of]

Owen, Franklin

Owens, John Joseph

Pendergraph, G.R. ( ? - ?)

Peterson, Hugh Raymond (1903-1986)

Phillips, Elgene (1937?-1977)

Pollard, Nina Tyler

Polsgrove, Carol Ann (Claxon)

[CHBC "Youth Alumni" Class of 1962]

Pool, Carolyn

[CHBC "Youth Alumni" Class of 1958]

Pool, Elizabeth Routh

[During furlow from Nigeria, Elizabeth and Christy, like many other missionaries spent years in Louisville and found a home at CHBC.]

Price, Milburn

Richardson, Paul

Risinger, Mary H.

Rogers, William B.

Routh, Eugene Coke (1874-1966)

[Dr. Routh, former editor of the Baptist Standard, Oklahoma Baptist Messenger, and The Commisson often visited his daughter Leila K. Routh Arnett and attended CHBC when in town]

Routh, Donald Kent

[Donald is not a member of CHBC but is a nephew of Leila K. Routh Arnett and professional friend of the Jenny Graves--CHYA \\'63--Weisz\\' husband, John]

Routh, Porter Wroe (1911-1987)

[Porter was a member of First Baptist Church of Nashville, TN but often visited CHBC and was the brother of Leila K. Routh Arnett. Porter served for many years as the Executive Secretary of the Executive Committee or the SBC and retired several years before its transition]

Rowatt, Wade

[Though not currently a member of CHBC, Wade has had many close associations with the membership over the years.]

Rust, Eric Charles (1910-1991)

Sandidge, Sue

Shoemaker, H. Stephen

Shurden, Kay W.

Shurden, Walter B.

Siler, Mahan

Sisk, Ron

Southard, Samuel

Sparkman, G. Temp

Stagg, Frank

Stanfield, Vernon Latrelle ( ? - 1991)

Stassen, Glen H.

Steedly, Dorothy Hays

Talbott, Hudson

[CHBC "Youth Alumni" Class of 1967]

Tharpe, Janet

Thomason, Bill

Thornton, Edward E.

Treadwell, William C.

Throneberry, Grady

Tucker, Alice J.

Tupper, E. Frank

Ward, Wayne E. (1921- )

Weatherspoon, J.B. (Jesse Burton) (1886-1964)

Weisz, John R.

Weisz, Virginia Graves

[CHBC "Youth Alumni" Class of 1963]

Woggon, Frank

Zimmer, Mary

Zimmerman, Gideon K.


Songwriters and Musicians:

Adams, Darrell E.

Louie Bailey

Burroughs, David and Colleen

Clawson, Cynthia

Courtney, Ragan

Crane, Mary Ann

Duckworth, Laura Lea

Duke, Paul

Fox, Baynard Layne (d. 1982)

[CHBC "Youth Alumni" Class of 1950]

Hovde, Howard

Francisco, Don (unofficial site)|(official site)

[CHBC "Youth Alumni" Class of 1964]

McKinney, Baylus Benjamin (1886-1952)

[B.B. wasn\\'t ever a member of CHBC, but his wife\\'s niece--Leila Arnett &
great niece--Nina Pollard have been members.]

Several books of his life have been published including Richard J. Hasting\\'s book listed under his name--Glorious is Thy Name--and The Songs of B.B.McKinney, ed Alta Faircloth; Broadman Press, 1974

McKinney composed over 200 hymns from 1916 to 1952 in various hymnals including:

Nutt, Grady

Instrumental Musicians of Crescent Hill
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