Crescent Hill Baptist Church

Advent Meditations

(writers listed in order of appearance in booklet)
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          2016  Dale Tucker, L. Lee Whitlock (2), Peggy Schmidt, Bobbe Crouch, Eugina Robertson (2), Brittani Bair (2), Quinn Chipley, Jason Crosby, Anne-Britton Arnett, Gail Tucker, John Birkimer, Glen Skaggs, John Arnett, Dorothy Spurr, Kevin Corlett, Mera Corlett, Ranti Adenjio

Historical reference for pastorates ("installed" and "transition") since 1975:
John Howell (1973-78),
Stephen Shoemaker (Jul 1981 - Aug 92),
Ron Sisk (Sep 1994 - Jun 2002)
Winford Hendrix (Jan 2003 - Aug 2004)
W. Gregory Pope (Mar 2005 - Oct 2011)
Jason Crosby, Bill Johnson, Andrea Woolley -co-pastors (Oct 2011 - Oct 2012)
Jason Crosby, Andrea Woolley -co-pastors (Oct 2012 - )

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