Crescent Hill Baptist Church

of the
Early Fathers and Mothers of the Church

Some of the children of the "charter members" and "early fathers and mothers" as featured in the 1919 photo:
These in time would become part of "The Greatest Generation."

Henry Anderson (12-3-97...87yo)







Sam Anderson







Woodson Anderson







Helen Davis Barnes


E. Bruce Blythe, Sr. (8-31-79...76yo)
[1910 photo]







W. Allan Blythe (11-26-95...89yo)
[1910 photo, 1919 photo]







Ben Choate, Jr (8-21-64...50yo)







Ella Garth "Gaga" Choate Woodward






John Day (8-7-76...66yo)







Bill Dohrman, Sr. (12-9-93...91yo)







Clarence Dohrman







Ruth Dohrman






Sam Dorhman, Jr







Charlie Hoffman, Jr.







Ed Horn, Jr. (4-4-78...65yo)







J. T. Johnson, Jr. (12-25-83...77yo)







Cora Botts Marshall Larimore (4-7-92...90yo)







Elizabeth Marshall Grawemeyer







Frances McKay Franke (pict not identified in 1919 or 1915)


Jim Tom Robertson








H. T. Rowland (11-21-93...87yo)










Sue Scheffer Schnur (10-18-90...80yo)







Elizabeth Shouse Irving (12-29-97...91yo)






Oscar Wieland







Raymond Wieland (7-19-98...90yo)








Ruth Wieland







Florence Woodruff Jones

Tommie Alleen Moran Choate Althaus

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