Crescent Hill Baptist Church

We, O God, Unite Our Voices

(The Crescent Hill Hymn)

We, O God, unite our voices, raised in thankful praise to Thee.
Thou, unchanging, safe hath brought us through the everchanging sea.
Days of calm and days of conflict, nights of darkness prove Thy grace.
Hands beneath us, arms around us, and, above, Thy shining face.

Seeing then the task before us bind our hearts and hands as one.
May our labor be in union, our resolve and Thine be one.
With one spirit let us labor toward the bright horizon far.
In the midst of tempest peril be Thy cross our guiding star.

Not our choice the wind's direction, unforeseen the calm or gale.
Thy great ocean swells before us, and our ship seems small and frail.
Fierce and gleaming is Thy myst'ry drawing us to shores unknown:
Plunge us on with hope and courage 'til Thy harbor is our home.

Words: Paul Duke and Grady Nutt, 1981
Music: Rowland H. Prichard, harm. from English Hymnal
Tune: Hyfrydol

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