Appendix C.


The genealogies of the following families are still works in progress. Much of the information comes from family information published in various albums of the Magoffin Historical Society in addition to family and other archival information. Eventually, a more complete documentation of the sources will be published, but these family histories are included as a reference for some of the names cited by H.G. in his journal. [register format on Brother's Keeper.] [Note: for purposes of current web site, these genealogies are not yet fully detailed.]


David & Letitia, the progenitors with a couple generations
Reubin & Susanna (Kilgore) Arnett, H.G.A.'s grandparents
Ambrose & Susan (Ray) Arnett, the parents of H.G.A.
Randall Arnett family, a possible link to Reubin


H.G.A.'s mother-in-law was Phoebe (Howard) Higgins
H.G.'s daughter, Erin, m. Calloway Howard
Lark Howard was another close friend of H.G.'s


H.G.A.'s wife was Rebecca Higgins


Two of H.G.'s children married Subletts:
Eugene m. Julia Sublett; Lula m. D. Glenn Sublett
Charlie Sublett was a business partner of E.B.A.


Virginia Gardner was the mother of Julia & Glenn Sublett
Albert Moore, grandson of Dr. Wheeler, m.2 Elizabeth Gardner
Stanley Gardner worked with E.B. and Oaks in the store


Two of H.G.'s "illegitimate" grandchildren were likely the children of Josephine Patrick who later m. Jim Henry


David & Letitia Arnett's daughter, Nancy, m. James Green
Richard French Arnett m. Raney Green, daughter of Daniel Boone Green


Reubin Arnett, Sr.'s wife was Susan Kilgore
Lewis Green married Esther Kilgore

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