Appendix B.

Listed below are some of the maps & photos contained on the pages [of the hard copy but not this web site] as numbered with some description and as appropriate the source.

1. Map of Eastern Kentucky showing Magoffin County, Hendricks & Salyersville
2. Topographic map of the Hendricks area with H.G.A. 1885 House & Barn as well as the location of the "Tibbs Hut" where Eugene was born on the Levi Branch. H.G.'s grave site on "Higgins Hill" is noted with an "x." The current boundaries of the H.G.A. property are highlighted.
3. The location of the gravesite of Ambrose and probably Reubin Arnett.
4. William Arnett, Sr. (uncle of H.G.) and his wife, Jemima Ray Arnett (probably his double aunt) [from Arnett Album, Vol. I, MCHS, 1983]; the tombstone of Ambrose Arnett [taken by J.Arnett].
5. Harrison Gregory Arnett, circa. 1890, [tin type original with J.A.]
6. H.G.Arnett Family circa. 1890 [copy of tin type, original with M.A.]; Eugene Arnett, circa 1900 [orig. with J.A.]; "4 generations": Gene Donaldson, Helen Arnett Donaldson, H.G.A., Eugene Arnett [orig. with J.A.].
7. Copy of H.G.A.'s law license [orig. with C.A.]
8. H.G. Arnett and family in front of his 1885 house, taken c.1915 [orig. with J.A.]
9. H.G.A. circa 1930 [from Arnett Album]; H.G.A., Logan & Galen Arnett, circa 1926 [from Arnett Album]; Beckham & Erin Arnett [from Arnett Album].
10. H.G.A. 1885 House and Barn in about 1994 [taken by J.A.]; H.G.A. & Rebecca Arnett tombstone on "Higgins" Hill [taken by J.A.]. Note that the stone looks fairly new. There is a story told years ago by "little" Erin Arnett, Fritz' dau & Beckham's wife, that H.G. and his wife were at one time buried lower down possibly on their own land and that a flood caused the coffins to come to the surface thus requiring re-burial on higher ground.
11. H.G.A. death certificate
12. Postcard of 1909 "Leading Lawyers" of Salyersville, KY. [orig. with J.A.]
13. Virginia Gardner and Julia Sublett [orig. with J.A.]
14. Eugene & J. Oakley Arnett, circa 1907 [orig. with J.A.]; Oaks, Helen & Ruth, circa 1906 [orig. with J.A.]
15. "Going Fishing" with Wendell & Paul, circa 1920 [orig. with J.A.]; Paul Arnett, circa 1925 [orig. with J.A.]; Wendell Arnett, circa 1927 [orig with J.A.]
16. Salyersville from Jack Arnett Hill, circa 1945; inset Wendell & Lucy [origs with J.A.]
17. Four Generations: Gene & Helen (Arnett) Donaldson, H.G.A., Eugene [orig w/ J.A.]
18. E. B. Arnett in his store [orig. with J.A.]

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