Appendix A.

Copy of the actual Journal:

Each page of the actual Journal has been reproduced on the following pages at 90% of the original size. When H.G.A. died in 1934 the journal passed into to hands of Eugene and then to J. Oakley Arnett. Eugene or Oaks made an unsuccessful attempt to blot out some of entries on pages 73 and 74 of the journal, but they are still legible and serve as a tribute to the integrity and transparency characteristic of H.G.A.

The journal passed into the hands of Walter W. Arnett about 1965 and upon his death in 1998 to the compiler of this annotation. I have long been impressed with the calligraphy of this journal and the care with which it was written. It's been an inspiration to me in the pursuit of genealogy and I'm happy to make it available to a wider audience in this format.
[Only one page -- "Fond Recollections of Bygone Days" -- has been uploaded to give the viewer some idea of the calligraphy style.]

John W. Arnett

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