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This site features some scouting guides to assist those cousins who are searching for their family trees in our Arnett Forest in America.

There are Tracks which consist of data arranged more or less chronologically by state and county. This collection is but a small portion of the data available (especially if one digs through all the county deeds) and is aimed to suggest areas for further research. A rough index is available for each state or groups of states.

Some of the tracks have led to the creation of Trails through the woods which are the pedigrees of certain family groups. Where enough data has been collected some of these tentative pedigrees are being listed. There are many folk who have helped to blaze these trails and who continue to maintain them. They'll be listed as permitted.

Finally, there are the Clearings. These are the open spaces where we can appreciate the view of the trees and enjoy the family stories. These are most evident in the records persons have left us in the form of memoirs and biographical sketches. And there are also the stories of our origins in France, Germany, Scotland, Ireland, England, etc.. Some of these will be presented here.

As time permits more guides will be added to the lists which follow. This is a work in progress, and I welcome additional information about early Arnett names and facts, further delineation and correction of pedigrees, and additional family stories and links to other internet sites. Additions to the tracks section will be collected separately and periodically folded into the main group. You may contact me as you wish, but I can't guarantee a timely response. [Note: In 2011 my e-mail changed from aol to gmail. If you tried to contact me at the aol address, I've been unable to access that for the past year. JWA-july 2012]

Happy hiking!

John Arnett


The states are arranged more or less geographically according to migration patterns:

Barbados, Canada, oceans

New England (ME, NH, VT, MA, RI, CT), New York

New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware


Virginia, West Virginia

North Carolina

South Carolina, Georgia



Ohio, Indiana

Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota

Alabama, Mississippi, Florida

Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas

Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Nebraska

Arizona, California


Track additions

These will be merged with the appropriate state and county and first name index periodically

View from the Ranger Tower - an overview

All States listings:


These family groupings are listed in no particular order, and, though may of the trails or pedigrees have been worked out, not all have been uploaded. I've made an attempt to avoid listing living descendants in the trees, but will make links to existing online related family sites.
There are also "Trail Letters" which are family stories about the origins of the pioneers and "Trail Connections" which is a collection of Arnett related websites by State and topic and a listing of some researchers.
Trail Letters Collection of traditional stories

Trail Connections Arnett related websites and names of researchers


Some of these have been noted in the Trail or Tracks sections but are listed here as well for greater appreciation. They are arranged by first name. Not all have been uploaded.

American Stories

Arnetts (Arnotts) of the Old Country and far away

Barbados Australia Scotland Ireland
Arnulf (Bishop of Metz 611 AD)

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